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January 23, 2007

Airlines Hold Back Seats During Storms

The WSJ (subscription required, sorry) has a good article today that finds several airlines will not re-book  travelers stranded by a storm in open seats, preferring to hold them back for sale.  Yes, you read that correctly.  United, Delta and Northwest all say that they will fly with empty first class seats even when travelers have been stranded because of a storm, preferring to sell those seats if possible.  Now, I appreciate wanting to sell every seat on an airplane.  But if you've cancelled flights because of weather, and people have been inconvenienced by that cancellation, what kind of evil company would tell that person to continue to camp out in an airport when seats are flying empty.  Yet another reason why people hate airlines.

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Just two weeks ago my husband and I were in route from Colorado Springs to Syracuse New York. Our United flight was late not because of the weather but because the crew was late in return we missed our connectiong flight to Chicago, ended up routed to Philladelphia the next day only for my husband to miss a days work and United wouldn't do anything but sent a $100 Voucher for our inconvenience,will never fly United again, there people were rude and not helpful at all. They must not want our business so we have already booked two flights to New York City with US Air, who by the way said they would have given us two free round trip tickets anywhere in the US for our inconvience if we had booked with them, now we will.

: Denise Rikhoff at Jan 30, 2007 4:34:06 PM

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