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January 05, 2007

L'Avion's Crazy Website

I have become slightly obsessed with the website of French all-business-class carrier L'Avion, whose website is an oddly translated pastiche (?) of Fr'anglais.  I encourage them to spring a couple of bucks for a copywriter, rather than relying (apparently) on an internet translation site.  A few tidbits:

"Safety is the primordial element upon which our activities are based. Your confidence having no price tag, we have taken all the necessary measures to assure your optimal safety."

"Our mind is made up to make you rediscover the enjoyment of traveling in a plane, before, during and after the flight."

"The unique and agreeable sensation to travel in a large private jet."

"For your optimal comfort we have chosen the seats Weber « Business Class » with a cover combination leather/fabric in grey and parma hues, for sobriety and tranquility."

"Our pilots...have considerable exposure to international flights."

More (I hope) to come...

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