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February 02, 2007

What the Hell Is Going on at MAXjet?

I've finished up my project at Eos, so I feel a bit more comfortable talking about MAXjet now. 

A couple of suspicious things have happened over in MAXjetville...

-- The MAXjet forum over at airlinequality.com is well worth a read.  It would appear (unless ALL of those people are lying.  And they're not.) that they constantly cancel or delay flights for mechanical reasons.  You can also do your own research at flightaware.com to see how often their flights actually depart on time or at all.  It's not pretty.

-- As I didn't mention when it was announced, MAXjet cancelled its 4 weekly flights from Washington to London to add 1 additional flight from Las Vegas to London.  What happened to the plane that was flying the additional frequencies to London?  Is it even in service anymore? 

-- Airlines --both public and private--need to report financial data to the government, which is then published in a consumer unfriendly format here.  If you care, you can find Eos' financials in there.  But more importantly, you will not find MAXjet's financials in there.  Why?  I have no idea.  Though it would be interesting for someone who is a reporter (ie, not me) to do a little digging and find out why they are allowed to not disclose financial data, but every other airline must.  Hm. 

So, not to speculate (oh wait, yes I am speculating), when you add up frequently cancelled flights + inability to serve 3 cities + CEO departing + financials not disclosed, this would suggest a bit of a mess.   There's a story here..

I'm certainly interested in hearing any MAXjet passenger tales if you have them...

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Your comments are in my opinion an opinion and your opinion indicates your lack of knowledge of the industry. Where did you get your facts? Did you know that MAXjet (MY) is a private company therefore, they DO NOT have to disclose any financial data to the public. Do you know the reason why the CEO resigned? Perhaps not. Have you ascertained the cause for your allegations from an official at MY? I can only say that before you point the finger at any company, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!!!!!

I am not defending MY but simply making a statement that has valid interest.

: a tried reader at Feb 2, 2007 7:10:41 PM

1) Of course my comments are an opinion. It's a BLOG for God's sake.

2) I am more than aware that Maxjet is private. That does not exclude them from providing Form 41 financial data to the government. According to the DoT: "Large, certificated air carriers, small certificated air carriers, and commuter air carriers (each defined below) are required to complete Form 41 Financial and Traffic Reporting Requirements." In short, airlines (public and private) must file financial data with the government.

3) I actually think the former CEO was never planning on staying on in a permanent capacity. However, the timing of his departure (when the company was talking about how great it was doing, but its operations suggested otherwise) seemed curious. Perhaps it's not curious, but I think it is.

I'll continue doing my homework...

: Jared at Feb 3, 2007 11:03:23 PM

Low reliability was due to delays in aircraft deliveries. This kept MAXjet from having spare aircraft available.

MAXjet temporarily closed Dulles to bring reliability back up and to have spare airplanes in NY and London.

The (2) new airplanes are being modified and repainted and will be put on line as soon as possible. There are still plans to reopen Dulles.

MAXjet launched this week a sale of $499 one way. It basically is offering Business Class for the price of Economy.

Yesterday it had its best day of bookings EVER -- and by a big margin. The call center reported three times its normal volume.


: askdanny at Feb 17, 2007 10:23:22 AM

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