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March 16, 2007

JetBlue's Continued Weather Woes

JetBlue is cancelling more than 200 flights because of a storm in the northeast, but that doesn't mean its passengers know if their flight is cancelled. I rarely bring up personal gripes here, but I will:  My grandfather, who is 90, is travelling (alone) from Florida (of course) to New Jersey on JetBlue this morning.  After an hour on the phone with them to find out whether his flight was cancelled (no one ever answered), my father went online to check the status of his flight.  The flight status tool on the website isn't working.  Sometimes an airline can't catch a break.  So while it's good that JetBlue has been far more proactive in cancelling flights, the rest of the customer service operation will take a while to get to where it needs to be.

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It isn't only JetBlue. I have family members travelling and I couldn't get thru to Delta either. By dialing every number I knew, I eventually got past the busy signal and got in in queue. After 30 minutes, I reached a person, but she told me I needed "ticket reissue." After another hour of waiting, I gave up.

Logic would suggest that -- as a percentage of operations -- Delta would be far less impacted than JetBlue. What I think has happened is that, before internet booking beame the norm, there were plenty of telephone sales reps. When a storm hit, they could switch from booking new customers to handling the storm problems. Now there's not enough folks to answer the phone.

Hopefully, someday soon, it will be possible to rebook online, so most folks won't need to call. Of course, by then, there will probably be even FEWER folks to answer the phone if you do still need to call!

: iahphx at Mar 16, 2007 5:12:25 PM

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