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March 20, 2007

Ralph Fiennes' Stewardess Friend: I Was a Prostitute

A Fiennes mess he's gotten into:

Just when I swore I would never mention the Ralph Fiennes mile high tryst again, they keep pulling me back in:

The flight attendant who had the previously discussed unprotected sex with Mr. Fiennes in an airplane bathroom now says that she used to be a high priced prostitute in Sydney.  She reportedly used to make about $1,500 (or less depending on the article you read) a night.  Oh, she was working this job while also working as a flight attendant. 

And even better:  she returned to the brothel where she used to work after getting fired (in case you were wondering, she worked at the Gateway Club at Petersham and Stiletto in Sydney and went by the name of Skye.)  If you were interested in having a Fiennes experience at the brothel, you're too late:  she's re-quit her job. 

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