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April 19, 2007

Off-duty Northwest Pilot, Drives Wrong Way Down Highway

An off-duty Northwest Airlines pilot led police on a bit of a crazy chase after he drove his rented Hummer the wrong way on I-94 near Port Huron, Michigan.  Turns out the pilot had a bit of a cocaine binge, then decided to drive over the Blue Water bridge to Sarnia, Ontario.  But he decided he didn't want to pass through customs, so he turned around on the Interstate, heading in the wrong direction.  Long story short, he was arrested.

(thanks to long-time reader IAH-PHX for this)

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I'm amazed at how little media coverage this story has gotten. Sure, we have the ocassional drunk pilot, but I can't remember the last coked-up pilot. Was he "affected" during his flight earlier that day? Nobody seems to be asking. The story also has an interesting twist in that the pilot was an a self-admitted former alcoholic. What did Northwest know about this, and were they at all concerned?


Note to self: if you ever get arrested for doing something stupid, get arrested on the weekend when nobody may notice.

BTW, in a completely different vein, today's underreported airline story is Delta's decision to adopt a voluntary carbon-offset program. Given the chattering classes fascination with global warming, I'm surprised. How many people are going to pay extra to plant trees when they buy an airline ticket? Enquiring minds want to know!!

: iahphx at Apr 19, 2007 10:20:44 AM

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