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April 26, 2007

The Skybus Timeshare Pitch

(thanks to this Airliners.net thread for the heads up)

You may have to just deal with a bunch of Skybus news for a couple of days:

On their website, there is a tab for vacation packages.  That tab takes you to a page hosted by Hotelscorp.com that offers very cheap deals on vacation packages in Orlando.  Your first bad feeling may come when you realize that Skybus doesn't fly to Orlando.  And then you may feel worse when you call them up and find that they're asking you questions about your income.  Then you realize:  Oh crap, it's a timeshare pitch!  Skybus has put me in touch with a timeshare pitch! 

And then you understand that while they only charge $10 for a ticket, their cost is much larger.

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I had great experience with skybus, was on time , Great flight crew.

: Abdul at Jul 13, 2007 12:08:03 PM

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