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July 06, 2007

American Airlines Smells Eos' Blood

American Airlines has had enough with Eos (and MAXjet, I guess):  They have announced that they are launching daily nonstop service from JFK to Stansted on a 767 (they used to serve STN from Chicago about 14 years ago).  They're also giving triple miles on flights between New York and London in business or first.  Knowing what little I know about the economics of that route, there is roughly zero chance they'll make any money on it.  Continental couldn't give away seats on their brief and ill-fated time flying EWR-STN in 2001. 

While AA's first class isn't even in the same league as Eos, they certainly have deeper pockets and have now decided they're finished with the competition.  So, who'll blink first?  Can AA really drive Eos out?  Does anyone care?

Oh, and they've also just filed a GBP 75 round trip fare from London to New York for November and December travel.  Take THAT, Zoom!

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Bring it on! So I can bring my family along also. ^^ That's the trend these days.. must be working for the wrong company. Haha...

Still waiting further word from Michael O’Leary at Ryanair. Remember the $12 transatlantic ticket he was talking about earlier this year.

It's all gonna get nuts.

Oh, and to ad lib, I have read there have been flight delays in Europe this year as well.

: Ralph at Jul 6, 2007 11:45:47 PM

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