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August 16, 2007

Travelocity Fined for Selling Airfare to Cuba

It's a crazy world out there...Imus makes a racist comment and is paid $20 million NOT to go to work anymore.  It looks like Michael Vick will cut a deal so he can play football again, even though he was a dog fighting ring leader.  But Travelocity has been fined more than $180,000 because they sold airfare to Cuba for a 6 year period (the article doesn't say, but I think there was a time when you could book tickets to Cuba on Travelocity if you went to one of their non-US sites).  The Cuba embargo laws are completely (completely!) insane, though, let's be honest here, Travelocity should've known better.  But also let's be honest - there are plenty of ways to travel to Cuba, and the stupid travel embargo isn't accomplishing anything.

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The embargo may sound insane to those who did not have property or investments in Cuba in the early 60's. The confiscation of American investments and property by Castro is what lead to implementing the embargo. Keep the embargo until Castro and his thugs are out.

: William Hernandez at Aug 17, 2007 12:43:52 PM

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