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September 21, 2007

A Word about Older Airplanes

A quick follow-up on the One-Two-Go! crash in Phuket last week.  A number of stories I've read pointed to the age of the airplane possibly being a factor (as does nearly every story about any plane crash).  It is important to note here that planes do not crash because they are old.  Northwest is flying some very old planes right now and they are exactly as safe as a new plane.  Well-maintained planes are like a Honda Accord - they'll go forever if taken care of properly.  Of course, shoddy maintenance is a legitimate cause of concern, and (obviously) older planes have more opportunities to be maintained.  That said, when you read articles about plane crashes, please ignore the parts where they talk about how the plane is 17 years old, as if that's some sort of indictment.

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Jared is absolutely right about the "age" of planes. NorthWest is absolutely on top of their fleet of DC-9's and they function flawlessly on thousands of takeoff and landings each DAY!

: armand at Sep 22, 2007 9:13:43 PM

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