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September 12, 2007

FAA: Please Make Your Flight Schedules Resemble Reality

Marion Blakely, the outgoing head of the FAA, told airline executives that if they won't change their flight schedules to actually reflect when flights depart and arrive, the government may step in and do it for them.  Flights in the US had an on-time arrival rate of just 69.8% in July (that would be a 'D' in my high school.)  A spokesperson for the Air Transport Association basically said, "don't look at us, it's the international airlines and corporate jets."  Right.

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Let me gets this straight. It is CONGRESS who made the FAA cut back and it is Marion Blakey who obliged to do so. Now they are threatening the airlines to rearrange their schedules or "the government might enforce flight limits."

It didn't mean anything to congress when the air traffic controllers told them 5 years ago, they were going to run into a problem of shortage of controllers, and that it would bring on massive delays. Congress doesn't even care if a controller gets mistreated.

But the first time they are on a plane and have to be delayed they want to magically snap their fingers and have the problem solved.

I have a message for congress first say thank you to Congressman John Mica he was great, all those years in getting things cut back, privatized, consolidated, and making these delays possible and endangering lives. Say thank you to Marion Blakey for the support she gave on mistreating professionals and causing delays.

Congress I have another message. You and Marion created this mess but the air traffic controllers are professionals and will not take any chances. They still believe in their motto "SAFETY FIRST"

: faahope at Sep 12, 2007 9:34:31 AM

As long as their is no more than a slap on the list for lying to passengers the airlines will continue to factor in delays to their operations. If they were required to pay real penalties to customers for delays you would see an immediate improvement in on-time performance but at the moment it is cost effective for them to overschedule flights and lie to customers,

: Ian at Sep 19, 2007 1:50:11 PM

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