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September 13, 2007

Google Founders Park Plane at NASA Airfield

The NY Times is reporting that Google has been permitted to park its 767 and its two Gulfstream Vs at Moffett Field, a NASA-run airport near the Google offices that is generally closed to private airplanes.  Google reps say that they have an arrangement with NASA for the agency to use the aircraft for science-related activities in exchange for parking it at the airport.  Make up your own mind, but the whole thing smells a little fishy.

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Well, I'm no fan of the superrich flaunting their status, but it does sound like it's wise for NASA to collect some dough to maintain the underutilized airport. Why is the airport underutilized? Because the local NIMBY crackpots -- and you can only imagine their influence in San Francisco -- are horrified by the prospect of an airport actually be used for any takeoffs and landings!

: iahphx at Sep 13, 2007 2:29:30 PM

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