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September 06, 2007

Hero of British Airways Flight Dies of Cancer at 45

In 2000, a British Airways flight was nearly taken down over Kenya by a passenger who stormed the cockpit and wrestled the pilot away from the controls (oddly, my wife's ex-boyfriend was on the flight, as was Roxy Music singer Brian Ferry, who did not date my wife.)

Two passengers wrestled the lunatic off of the pilot and held him down as the pilot was able to re-gain control of the 747 after it nosedived 19,000 feet toward the ground, thereby saving the lives of nearly 400 others.  One of those passengers was a former Clemson basketball player named Clarke Bynum.  Bynum died Monday of cancer at only 45 years old.

This occurred, obviously, in the pre-9/11 days when the world was not obsessed with crazy people trying to kill people on planes -- this likely explains why Bynum's obituary was either not in your paper or buried below a story about Shaq filing for divorce.  But I think it's more than worth doing a little Google search on Bynum to read a bit more about a guy who saved 400 people when you know pretty well that you wouldn't have done the same thing.

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wow. thanks.

: charlie at Sep 6, 2007 11:32:53 AM

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