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September 19, 2007

Southwest Airlines: Kids Can't Board First

After hearing complaints from business travelers who whined about families pre-boarding, grabbing all the best seats before the first boarding group, Southwest Airlines has decided to have families board between groups A and B.  This is a strangely family-unfriendly move from an airline that has always treated kids well.  I appreciate that business travelers (like myself) have it hard and paid more for tickets and boo hoo.  If you've ever traveled with kids, you know it sucks and having a bit of extra time on the plane is useful.  No mini-skirts?  No pre-boarding for kids?  Not a great PR week for Southwest...

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In the article they stated that it wasn't fair that families with children show up at the last minute and get onto the aircraft first. If they only realized how difficult it is too carry an infant through security (taking apart car seats, taking off shoes, etc.), finding a restroom to change diapers, breast feeding, all while dragging strollers, car seats, diaper bags, etc.!!! Getting to the gate takes people with babies longer and we are usually sweating, tired and anxious when we do finally make it there!!!

I find this very disturbing as I travel (mostly alone) with our young son often and find the pre-boarding necessary! We need time to get settled, get the car seat strapped into the seat, settle the baby, etc. If a woman is breast feeding, we need to find a seat we feel comfortable in (location).

Shame on SW Airlines.

: Amanda at Sep 20, 2007 12:21:54 PM

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