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October 15, 2007

Man Dies at Vancouver Airport After Being Tasered

This is an odd one:  A man died at Vancouver Airport after police tasered him during a rather heated confrontation.  The passenger, who spoke a language that no one recognized (which is weird on its own, though I suppose if he were speaking Albanian, who would know?) went into a rage for an unknown reason, starting throwing things around the airport, and generally having a fit.  Police were called, they used a taser to stun him (that's not a dead parrot), and he never got up.  The story (of course) goes on to mention that the man's fit was not an act of terrorism (as if Al Qaeda has resorted to temper tantrums to disrupt world order).

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an eye witness who took photos disputes the RCMP's story - this is just another example of how Orwellian things are getting. Sickening!

: me at Oct 16, 2007 4:36:14 PM

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