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April 06, 2007

30th Anniversary of the Worst Airplane Crash

Ask The Pilot does a good job reviewing the details of the KLM-Pan Am collision that killed 583 people 30 years ago last week in Tenerife, Canary Islands.  You can read the article for all the details, but a freakish series of events took place that led to the KLM 747 heading down the runway while the Pan Am 747 was still on it.  Incredibly, all 5 people in the Pan Am cockpit survived, and Patrick Smith, who wrote the column, interviewed one of them.  It's an amazing story.  To learn more, you can check out this site that has links to photos, transcripts and a full report.  It's a fascinating read.

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April 05, 2007

Flight Diverted After Woman Smokes, Punches Pilot

A Delta flight from Cincinnati to Honolulu was diverted to San Francisco after a woman had a meltdown onboard.  By "meltdown" I mean she smoked in the lavatory, got belligerent when confronted about it, then punched the pilot.  The airlines tend to frown upon that kind of behavior.  The passenger was removed at SFO and the flight carried on to Honolulu without incident.

Oddly enough, the only time I saw a woman get caught smoking on board was also on a flight to Honolulu.  She was reprimanded sternly (as you might imagine) by cabin staff, and then given, no joke, 13 glasses of champagne so she would sleep for the remaining 8 hours to Honolulu.  That did the trick.

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Japanese Passenger Pissed about Air Pacific Flight

There's no good way to say this, so I'm going to just come out with it:

A soldier from Fiji was arrested after he urinated on a Japanese woman during a flight on Air Pacific from Tokyo to Nadi, Fiji.  No reason was given for his actions.  But really, what possible reason could there have been?

(thanks to -- or blames goes to-- reader Luke for this...)

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April 04, 2007

Budget Airline to Launch London - New York Flights

Zoom, a Canadian/British low fare airline, has received preliminary approval to launch flights between London Gatwick and New York's JFK airport beginning this June.  For now, though, the airline can only sell seats in the UK, but it'll just be a matter of time before they can sell seats from the US.  While this route is already chock full of low fares during the non-summer months, I expect Zoom to keep fares in the $400-$500 round trip (plus tax) range during the summer, a savings of about $200-$300 off historical fares.  I'll let you know when they can sell tickets here.

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It's Official: No Cell Phones on US Aircraft

The FCC has heard both sides of the onboard cellphone and debate and has sided with the quiet side:  the agency has decided (for now) that cellphones cannot be used while an airplane is in flight in the US.  This is good news if you dreaded the idea of sitting next to some middle management asshole yammering away for an hour about how the goddamned presentation was supposed to be ready by EOD Thursday, where the hell is it?  But it's bad news if you're a middle management asshole who likes to call people up and bitch about how the goddamned presentation that was supposed to be ready by EOD Thursday isn't done yet. 

The FCC said they may take the issue up at a later date.  I hope that's a much later date.

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April 03, 2007

OTR Offices Closed

The OTR offices are closed for the holiday, but in honor of my people's exodus across a desert, I thought I'd post Google's suggestions for how to drive from Chicago to London (hint: it involves swimming).

(Thanks to Zach for the heads up).

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April 02, 2007

Virgin Atlantic Pilot Drunk

A pilot for Virgin Atlantic was arrested at Heathrow on Saturday morning because he was drunk.  More specifically, he was pulled from the pilot seat as he was about to fly to New York.  THAT was the problem.  Not the drunk part alone.  After all, they have a bar on Virgin's planes.  But he decided to drink and then get behind the controls of his plane.  The pilot was given a Breathalyzer test in the cockpit, then taken away by police.  No word on who ended up flying the plane.

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