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April 13, 2007

$15 Flights Between Europe and New York?

Ryanair executives say they are working on a transatlantic budget carrier that will allow people to fly between New York and Europe for 10 Euros (about $13.50).  The carrier hopes to be flying within 3-4 years.  While this seems completely insane, 10 years ago it would've seemed insane that an airline was giving away seats in Europe when a 1-hour intra-Europe flight cost $350.  Look for US airlines to start lobbying the government to quash this right about now.

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April 12, 2007

Jet Airways Will Buy Air Sahara...Again

Jet Airways, which has about 1/3 of India's airline market share, will purchase Air Sahara for $340 million.  If this sounds sorta familiar, it's because Jet Airways was going to buy them last year for about $500 million, but decided at the last minute to pull out because they felt their bid was overvalued.  Yes, that sounds weird that they were unhappy with their own bid.  But the move seems to have worked, as they've knocked about a third off the price.  No word on whether the airlines will actually merge, but some news outlets are reporting that Air Sahara will be re-launched as a discount airline to compete with Air Deccan, SpiceJet and GoAir.

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Skybus Unveils First Advertising Livery

Skybus has said that they'll be the first US carrier to cover its airplanes in advertising, and they seem to be keeping their word:  photos are out of the first A319 which is covered in an ad for Nationwide insurance.  European and Asian lowfare airlines have done this for years, but its the first US carrier to try the same strategy.

(For the most up-to-date Skybus information, click here).

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April 11, 2007

Breaking News: Honey Roasted Peanuts Are Back on Southwest

After a long absence, Southwest Airlines will have honey roasted peanuts again for the rest of 2007.  Yes, sweet nut fans, you'll be happy to know that the King Nut company has found a way to make honey roasted nuts for the same price as dry roasted nuts.  Really.  The most interesting thing in this story, though, is that Soutwest alternates what kind of nuts they serve each year (2007 is honey roasted, 2008 is dry roasted, and 2009 is honey roasted again).  See if they'll get me to fly in 2008 with their pathetic tasteless dry roasted nuts. 

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April 10, 2007

$19 Fare from Newark to Buffalo, Rochester

Any time a fare drops below $20, I'm going to post it (except for those wonderful but nearly impossible to get $8 or $.08 Spirit fares):

Continental has $19.50 flights from Newark to Buffalo or Rochester ($60 round trip, including taxes).  Get them while they're still available.

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MAXjet Shapes Up

I'll give credit where it's due:  After bagging a bit on MAXjet for their miserable reliability, they've turned things around a bit.  The Cranky Flier has a good (email) interview with a MAXjet exec where we learn that, indeed, they HAVE filed their financial data that I've complained they haven't filed (they don't know why it's not showing up on the DOT website), and that after a miserable reliability record last year, they've only canceled 1 flight in the past 2 months, and they've amassed a 90% ontime record during the same period.

I will give them a ton of credit for pulling the Washington, DC, filghts which allowed them to free up aircraft to provide better service.  Well done.

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April 09, 2007

Emirates Postpones Onboard Cell Phone Service

If you were excited to fly Emirates because they were going to allow you to speak on your cellphone during the flight, you are a schmuck.  But not only are you a schmuck, you are out of luck (that was not meant to rhyme).  For now.  Emirates has postponed its launch of onboard cellphone service, which was scheduled to have launched last January.  The airline now hopes to roll it out beginning at the end of 2007.

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Mouse Delays Flight 4 Hours

A small white mouse delayed a Vietnam Airlines flight to Tokyo for 4 hours as technicians attempted to "seek and kill the mouse," as one newspaper put it.  Unlike in the US, they actually took the passengers off the plane and sent them to a hotel during the mouse-search.  Passengers were relieved to hear the mouse was found, and the plane continued on to Tokyo, relatively mouse-free.

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Pilot Removed from Flight for Swearing

A Northwest Airlines pilot was removed from a Detroit-bound flight at Las Vegas airport after he was swearing loudly onboard.  A bit more detail:  he was overheard swearing while talking on a cellphone in the cockpit.  After passengers complained, he started yelling (and cursing) at passengers.  Police were called in and removed the pilot (though they neglected to administer a sobriety test, for some reason).  The flight was cancelled, as there was no longer a pilot on board.

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