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April 27, 2007

Skybus to Antarctica?

Can't get enough of Skybus...

To generate additional revenue, Skybus is selling limo rides to the airport.  Fair enough.  You'll be happy to know that their limo trips are pretty far reaching, as you'll note that they are selling limo transfers to Antarctica, Antarctica here. (see dropdown.  Alternatively, go to the homepage, click on the "attractions" tab, then click on transfers.)  I wonder if the limo rides to Antarctica are $10 as well.  Not sure...

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6 Night Package to Prague, $549

GoToday has a fantastic deal on a package to Prague:  $549 gets you a flight on Alitalia from New York and 6 nights hotel.  Depart November 1 to December 13.  It's never too late to start planning, and if you go at the beginning of November, the weather isn't even THAT bad.  Have fun.

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April 26, 2007

The Skybus Timeshare Pitch

(thanks to this Airliners.net thread for the heads up)

You may have to just deal with a bunch of Skybus news for a couple of days:

On their website, there is a tab for vacation packages.  That tab takes you to a page hosted by Hotelscorp.com that offers very cheap deals on vacation packages in Orlando.  Your first bad feeling may come when you realize that Skybus doesn't fly to Orlando.  And then you may feel worse when you call them up and find that they're asking you questions about your income.  Then you realize:  Oh crap, it's a timeshare pitch!  Skybus has put me in touch with a timeshare pitch! 

And then you understand that while they only charge $10 for a ticket, their cost is much larger.

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April 25, 2007

Skybus, Again: Please Don't Bring Food On Board

I probably should have consolidated all this Skybus stuff into one post.  Oh well.

A few additional tidbits to share:

--You aren't allowed to bring food onboard.  That just seems kinda mean.

--Seat pitch is in the 29"-30" range.

--Pay $10 and you can board early.

--You can change tickets for $40

--You have to be at the gate 30 minutes prior to takeoff.  I get the sense (like Ryanair) they're serious about this.

--They have no phone.

--$5 each to check your first two bags.

--No onboard entertainment.

--Seats start at $10 and go up to $150.

Just thought you'd like to know. It really is a Ryanair-ish model.  Best of luck...

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April 24, 2007

Skybus Announces First Destinations, $10 Tickets

Skybus has announced their first set of destinations, and so far my predictions from yesterday are correct.  In May they'll be flying to Burbank, Portsmouth (NH), Kansas City, Richmond, Bellingham (WA), Ft. Lauderdale and Greensboro.  They'll add Oakland in June. 

They'll offer 10 seats at $10 on every flight.  This is supposedly not a promotion -- they'll do this forever (until they don't do it anymore).  Like Ryanair, they'll be selling everything.  A quick check of fares shows the $10 seats available on many days.  On days where they aren't available, they range from about $40 each way to Ft. Lauderdale to about $50 each way to Burbank.  Cheap, obviously.

The biggest question, and here's where they differ from Ryanair, is that their base is in a small city.  Ryanair's bases (in London, Dublin, Paris, etc) are in larger cities, even if they fly to minuscule dots on the European map.  So, we'll be keeping an eye on whether they can lure people from Dayton, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Akron and Cleveland on the basis of $10 fares. 

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Southwest to Offer Inflight Wi-Fi Within the Year?

During its earnings call last week, Southwest Airlines mentioned that it is soliciting bids for an in-flight wi-fi service.  The carrier hopes to have a prototype up and running within 9 months.  Crazy to think that a supposedly "no frills" carrier would be the first US airline to offer the service.  The move is part of Southwest's strategy to generate more revenue from ancillary services.

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April 23, 2007

An OTR Exclusive: Skybus Cities

I believe this could be the OTR's first scoop:  Sources confirm (and I can say with 98% certainty) that this is the list of Skybus' initial cities (perhaps not for launch, but at least in the first year or so):

Burbank, Bellingham (north of Seattle), Westover Air Base (Springfield, MA - Hartford's secondary (?) airport), Cancun, Columbus (home base), Cozumel, Fort Lauderdale, Greensboro, Kansas City, Nassau, Oakland, Punta Gorda (Fort Myers' secondary airport), Richmond, San Diego, San Antonio, St. Augustine (Jacksonville), and Stewart - Newburgh (New York).

They'll announced this officially in the next few days, but the route map will look something like that. 

If it makes you feel any better, I hadn't heard of Westover or Punta Gorda either.

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British Airways Cuts Branson Out of Bond Film

British Airways has decided it will not have Richard Branson on its planes -- even if it's just on film.  The airline has cut Branson out of the version of Casino Royale it shows on its planes.  It also obscures the Virgin Atlantic name on an airplane used in the movie.  Wonderfully petty.

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