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January 12, 2007

American Drops Business Class & International Tickets from Expedia

American Airlines has stopped selling its domestic business class tickets and all international tickets on Expedia.  As they're continuing to sell these tickets on other online agency sites, we can assume that they're in a disagreement over distribution costs.  Nearly every other airline that has dropped Expedia has come back after re-negotiating terms.

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January 11, 2007

Pacific Wings Vs. Mesa

Here's an obscure one:

Pacific Wings, which flies in Hawaii and has been beaten down by competition from Mesa's Go! entering the market, is trying to get back at Mesa.  How?  They're going to enter the intra-New Mexico market, which Mesa dominates, relying on the government's Essential Air Service subsidies.  Have you fallen asleep yet?  No?  Good.  Pacific Wings says they will serve some of the same routes (Albuquerque to Clovis, Albuquerque to Silver City), but will not require subsidies.  These routes will be flown in a 9-seater Cessna.  Comfy!  Without the subsidies, Mesa would likely have to abandon the now-profitable and now-government-subsidized routes.  Who ever thought that a fight over Lihue-Honolulu would shift to a fight over Albuquerque to Clovis?

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Will Delta Spurn US Airways for Northwest?

The WSJ is reporting that Delta has been in talks with Northwest Airlines about a potential merger.  Odd that Delta had been swearing that they wanted to remain independent while at the same time talking to Northwest.  I'd be interested if anyone can explain why they'd be interested in Northwest (still in bankruptcy) and not in US Airways (profitable).  Thoughts?

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January 10, 2007

United Airlines Is Given China Route

If you're a frequent flyer, you've probably received some sort of communication from your favorite airline asking you to beg congress to grant them a new route to China.  Unless your favorite airline is United, you're out of luck.  The DOT granted United the right to fly from Washington, DC, to Beijing, beginning in March.

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US Airways Increases Offer for Delta

After saying that it wasn't going to increase its offer for Delta, US Airways has increased its offer by about $1 billion and 11 million shares -- certainly not a small amount of money.  According to US Airways, this is above what Delta has claimed to be its valuation given its standalone plan.  As I'm not a financial analyst, I have no idea whether this is a good idea or not.  We'll see where US Airways' stock opens today to see what people think (yes, I know, this was lame.  I just can't pretend to know where Delta should be valued.  I still think, though, that jamming together Delta and US Airways before America West is fully merged with US Airways is a mistake.  But what do I know.)

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Pretend I Came Up With a Better Headline than Scorpions on a Plane

(Thanks to reader Rich for the head's up):

An American Airlines flight from Miami to Toronto caused a delay at the Canadian city after a scorpion on the aircraft crawled out of a passenger's backpack and bit someone.  The scorpion was apparently not brought on board intentionally; the passenger had been camping in Costa Rica and apparently brought the little critter back with him.  As long as he was less than 3 ounces, I'm sure security didn't give him any trouble.

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January 09, 2007

$699 For 5 Nights in Beijing

Gate1Travel is offering a great deal on a package to Beijing:  $699 gets you a flight from Los Angeles and 5 nights hotel when you travel before March.  Other departure cities are available for a small additional fee.  Sure it's cold, but when it's 72 degrees in LA every day, maybe you won't mind it so much.

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January 08, 2007

Is South African Airways a Haven for "Sex Pests"?

According to whom you believe, South African Airways either is or isn't "degenerating into a haven for sex pests."  A Johannesburg newspaper has reported that the airline is dealing with a number of sexual harassment scandals involving top execs.  SAA, for its part, denies this and says that a couple of low-level managers are the only people involved.  Who the hell knows what's going on, but I liked the phrase "sex pests."

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AirAsia X Launches

Tony Fernandes, the CEO of Malaysian low fare carrier Air Asia, has announced the launch of AirAsia X, which sounds like a pretty bad ass airline (if you ask me -- and you didn't, though AirAsia XXX would be even more bad ass.  I've used my quota of "bad ass" for the year.)  FlyAsianExpress will actually operate the flights, but it has an agreement with AirAsia to use the latter's name for a while.  Fares between Malaysia and the UK will start at less than $10.  They're hoping to order 20 aircraft, making it the largest long-haul, low-fare carrier in the world.  We'll be watching the July launch...

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