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January 19, 2007

Tripmela in the News

A small bit of self-promotion:  Tripmela (the OTR's sister site) got a nice mention in an Economic Times (India) article today. 

That's the end of the pat on the back :)

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A Nickel to Haiti

Spirit Airlines is launching nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti beginning in March.   Special fares start at a nickel each way, and they're actually available (with tax, it comes to about $85 round trip).   Now, Americans are warned not to go to Haiti, and for good reason (well, many good reasons, not least of which is the 60 people who were kidnapped in Port-Au-Prince last year).  But for Haitians in south Florida, this is one helluva deal.  In case you were wondering, Spirit's aircraft will spend a grand total of 40 minutes in Haiti from when they land to when they get the hell outta there.

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January 18, 2007

9 Year Old Runaway Flies to Texas

A 9 year old who was unhappy in his Tacoma, Washington, decided he would fly to Dallas to runaway from his family.  So he somehow boarded a Southwest flight to Phoenix, changed planes, and ended up mistakenly in San Antonio, not Dallas.  All of this happened without a ticket or boarding pass, which has puzzled Southwest Airlines officials (as you might imagine).  The child has a history of getting into trouble, including stealing a car last week.  No word on whether he'll receive Rapid Rewards miles for the flight.

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New Zealand Airport Bans Racy Billboard

Officials at Auckland's airport have banned a billboard that features a former Miss Universe in lingerie holding a stuffed rhino.  The tagline on the billboard for the lingerie company reads, "Horny?"  For some reason, officials there thought that was inappropriate.  Go figure.

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who suggested that while none of my readers would want to see it, I might want to link to the ad.  Here

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Virgin America to Try Again

Virgin America announced today that it has revised its application to fly in the US, placing additional distance between the carrier and Richard Branson.  Hard to tell what's going to happen there.  I put the odds at 50-50 that it will fly.  Pretty useful prediction, eh?

If you want to see what you're missing with Virgin America, check out its new website at letvafly.com. Great stuff there about the cabins on the planes, which feature a comfy first class, all sorts of entertainment at your fingertips, and nice leather seats.  I'll call it JetRed.  Quaking in their boots should be Continental, whose 737s with 1980s style entertainment units will be competing head-to-head with Virgin America on their transcon routes.  Good luck with that!

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January 17, 2007

Swedish Prince Held Overnight by Security at Miami Airport

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden was held overnight by police at Miami's airport last September after he showed up without a visa.  The prince was flying from Caracas to Washington, DC, through Miami and because of a mixup in Venezuela, flew without his normal security staff.  He also arrived without the correct visa.  When he told immigration officials in Miami that he was the prince of Sweden, they did not believe him (as you can imagine) and held him in custody for the night.  Everything was straightened out by morning and the prince, to his credit, laughed off the whole thing.  Har har har (or its Swedish equivalent).

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Ice Cream, The Next Terrorist

A friend of the OTR writes:

"After being delayed for 5 hours last night in the Manchester NH airport, all of the services behind security had closed.  The only ones open, of course, were the ones outside of security, which you could see through a giant glass wall, not unlike the cage Lechter was in in silence of the lambs.

My brother and I decided we wanted ice cream.  There was a Ben and Jerry's open outside of security, so I
went out of security to get ice cream for both of us.  Walking back through security with two ice creams, the
security guy stopped me and said I couldn't pass through security. 

I asked him why, he said: "We'll sir, it is a cream."

"Of course it is."

"According to TSA regulations you cannot bring creams or gels over one 3 oz past security."

...keeping America safe, one cone at a time.

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January 16, 2007

Airbus CEO Dropped Pants to Win Deal

For reasons I still don't understand even after reading the story 3 times, Airbus' CEO dropped his pants in front of US Airways' former chairman Stephen Wolf to help seal an aircraft deal.  It really should make more sense than that.  Perhaps he's one of those guys who likes to drop his pants.  I really don't know.  That said, the pants dropping worked.

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New York to Pittsburgh, $11 plus tax

A poster at Flyertalk has shared a way to get an $11 (plus $11 in taxes) ticket from New York to Pittsburgh on JetBlue.  It's good on a round trip as well.  What a bargain.

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January 15, 2007

OTR Closed for the Holiday

Due to the OTR's incredibly generous vacation policy, the staff is off today for the holiday.  We'll be back tomorrow.

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