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January 26, 2007

Man Denied Boarding Because of T-Shirt

A man was not permitted to board a Qantas flight from Melbourne to London because he was wearing a t-shirt that had a photo of George Bush with the phrase, "World's #1 Terrorist."  The passenger had been asked to remove the shirt a couple of days earlier on a Qantas domestic flight and, because of that, asked Qantas staff if he could wear the shirt on the international flight.  He could not.  I wonder if he could've worn the shirt if it said "World's #17 Terrorist."  What number would have been acceptable?  Hm.

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$64 Fares from Fort Lauderdale to Costa Rica

Spirit Airlines is launching three-times-a-week service from Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica with fares starting at $64 each way.  Yes, there are some 8 cent fares available, but the dates are so sporadic, you can't make a reasonable round trip with them.  But $128 (plus tax) round trip is still an incredible bargain. 

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January 25, 2007

British Airways Cancels 2 Days of Flights

British Airways has cancelled all of its flights from Heathrow on January 30-31 because of a labor dispute.  All flights to and from Gatwick also will not fly.  More than 1,400 flights will be affected.  This is probably good news for little-known Silverjet, which launches today (and at Eos, where I'm doing some work, it should also benefit).

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Hey...Machu Picchu Isn't in Nepal

(Thanks to Gloomy Joe, as always)

Royal Nepal Airlines has apologized to the country of Peru after using pictures of Machu Picchu in its advertisements.  Oddly, Nepal's embassy put out this statement, "As a consequence, the Nepalese airline fired an employee in the rank of a manager..." Why did they include his level?  And why bother noting that they fired a low-to-mid level employee over this?  The story also notes, "From a distance, some mountain temples in the Himalayas could be mistaken for Incan ruins."  So there ya go.

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January 24, 2007

3 Year Old Kicked Off Flight for Crying

(Thanks to blog DC Night Out for the heads up)

Every time you've been on a plane with a screaming child you've probably thought to yourself, "Gee, couldn't they just drag the little brat off the plane?"  Well, it actually happened, and it wasn't nearly as satisfying as you'd have hoped. 

A 3-year old traveling with her parents from Ft. Myers to Boston was kicked off the flight by an AirTran employee after she threw a bit of a fit before takeoff.  Really.  That's it.  3-year old throws tantrum, employee comes on board and says girl has to leave.  AirTran realizes that this was not a particularly nice thing to do, as there's not much you can do if your kid is screaming like that except wait it out, and has refunded the airfare to the family.  They've also apologized.  Which is nice. 

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January 23, 2007

Airlines Hold Back Seats During Storms

The WSJ (subscription required, sorry) has a good article today that finds several airlines will not re-book  travelers stranded by a storm in open seats, preferring to hold them back for sale.  Yes, you read that correctly.  United, Delta and Northwest all say that they will fly with empty first class seats even when travelers have been stranded because of a storm, preferring to sell those seats if possible.  Now, I appreciate wanting to sell every seat on an airplane.  But if you've cancelled flights because of weather, and people have been inconvenienced by that cancellation, what kind of evil company would tell that person to continue to camp out in an airport when seats are flying empty.  Yet another reason why people hate airlines.

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Hijacking Foiled in Botswana

A man was arrested yesterday for attempting to hijack an Air Botswana flight from Gabarone, Botswana, to Johannesburg, South Africa.  The nut banged on the cockpit door and threatened staff and passengers, then demanded to be let into the cockpit.  He was denied entry, and the plane landed in Johannesburg without incident.  I find it interesting that this is being nearly entirely ignored by Western media, because you can only imagine what the hell would be going on if someone tried to hijack a plane here.  But, it's in Africa, so no one cares.  Carry on.

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3 Day Strike at British Airways?

British Airways is hoping to avert a 3-day strike planned for Jan 29-31 by its flight attendants.   The airline has asked a mediation board to step in and help figure out how to come to terms on the pay issues that separate the 2 sides.  If you've got flights on BA planned for that day, it's time to look into alternatives.  Though I'm sure they'll work this out.

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January 22, 2007

United Changes Its Frequent Flyer Plan So Miles Expire in 18 Months

United Airlines revised its frequent flyer program policies over the weekend so miles now expire after 18 months.  Worse, this is retroactive to July 1, 2006.  It's almost worth reading the press release I linked to because somehow they make it sound like this is a benefit to consumers.  Impressive.  Remember, though, you can keep the account active by making a small purchase through the United Airlines shopping site.

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Continental Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

A Continental Airlines pilot died mid-flight on the way to Puerto Vallarta from Houston on Saturday.  The co-pilot took over and landed the plane without incident at McAllen's airport.  The flight continued on to Puerto Vallarta with a new crew.

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