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October 16, 2007

JetBlue Applies for Flights to Bogota, Colombia

There's an interesting fight brewing down in Fort Lauderdale between Spirit and JetBlue.  Spirit has built up a hub for flights to Latin America and the Caribbean from the airport, a move that has caused American to lower fares from its Miami hub to similar destinations.  Now, JetBlue is applying for the right to fly from FLL to Bogota, Colombia, a move that is a significant departure from its leisure-focused cities in the Caribbean, and a choice that will be certain to lead to a swift response from Spirit (which has also applied for frequencies on the route).  It's all good news for travelers in the region, who will see lower fares throughout Latin America.

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Baby Born on Flight to Kinshasa

A baby was born on a Brussels Airlines flight from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, to Brussels last week.  Two doctors on the aircraft helped to deliver the baby on the plane.  The child is doing just fine.

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Planes Collide in Minor Incident at London Heathrow

I guess there's really no such thing as a minor collision involving 2 planes, but that pretty much describes what happened when a British Airways 747 collided with a SriLankan A340 while taxiing at Heathrow.  No injuries were reported, but the airport was in a bit of a state of chaos (as you can imagine) when this occurred.  Airport authorities are investigating how this could have happened, and why it wasn't avoided (a comment posted on the linked story suggests that passengers could see that the planes were going to collide.)

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October 15, 2007

Doctor Deported from Dubai for Molesting Stewardess

Quick travel tip for you:  Do not harass your flight attendant when you go to Dubai.  A Russian doctor will be deported from Dubai after he was found guilty of molesting an Azerbaijani flight attendant on a trip from Moscow to Dubai.  He reportedly grabbed the woman, then offered to pay her to have sex with him.  She filed charges, and he received a 3 year suspended sentence in exchange for being deported from the United Arab Emirates.  Oh, and he received a $600 fine for being drunk.  Tsk tsk.

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Man Dies at Vancouver Airport After Being Tasered

This is an odd one:  A man died at Vancouver Airport after police tasered him during a rather heated confrontation.  The passenger, who spoke a language that no one recognized (which is weird on its own, though I suppose if he were speaking Albanian, who would know?) went into a rage for an unknown reason, starting throwing things around the airport, and generally having a fit.  Police were called, they used a taser to stun him (that's not a dead parrot), and he never got up.  The story (of course) goes on to mention that the man's fit was not an act of terrorism (as if Al Qaeda has resorted to temper tantrums to disrupt world order).

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