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October 26, 2007

US Airways: Our Philadelphia International Flights Were "Very Bad"

It's rare to hear airline execs (or executives anywhere, really) talk openly about problems they're experiencing, which is why this is rather refreshing:  A US Airways president said that the operation of their international flights from Philadelphia have been "very bad" because of congestion at the airport's gates.  Sure, he was saying it because the airline is annoyed at airport officials for not helping them expand their (profitable) international operations there, but still - rare to hear someone say that they provided terrible service.  On the plus side, US Airways had a great quarter.

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October 25, 2007

EasyJet to Purchase GB Airways

Not much to write about today, so I'll pass on something you won't care about:  EasyJet is purchasing former British Airways partner GB Airways.  The small carrier primarily flies to leisure destinations in Europe and North Africa, and EasyJet will use the purchase to strengthen their holiday flights out of Gatwick (the purchase does not include GB's slots at Heathrow).  Imagine JetBlue buying Comair and you'll get the point.

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October 24, 2007

Pilot Quits Job Because He Hates Going Through Security

A pilot with the Norwegian airline Wider√łe has quit because he said he was tired of the "security madness" in the airports.  Pilots on the short hops flown by the airline may pass through security 10 times a day.  A different pilot for the carrier caused a flight delay last week when he refused to take off his shoes when he passed through security, shouting, "I'm not a terrorist." (or likely however you'd say that in Norwegian.)  In any case, the pilot who quit said he took an early retirement because he couldn't deal with the crazy security situation in airports and he preferred not to work than to endure it any longer.  Well done.

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JetBlue to Drop 2 Cities

After posting a surprisingly nice profit last quarter, JetBlue announced that it was dropping all flights to Columbus and Nashville.  The airline said that its loads on the flights were OK (if slightly below average) but that the yields (average fares) weren't acceptable.  JetBlue has dropped cities before (Atlanta very early on, and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic), but has recently been on an expansion streak (though one that has slowed in the past few months).  It bodes will for the airline that they're looking to maximize profits from each flight, rather than just sticking with what they've always done - that strategy, which was employed by virtually every airline in the 1990s and early 2000s, doesn't work anymore.  It's a good sign that they're thinking about optimizing their assets (or, in English, making themselves profitable).

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October 23, 2007

Luggage Falls from the Sky Near Chicago

This is some really, really lost luggage:  The NY Times reports that two pieces of luggage fell from the cargo hold of an Atlantic Southeast Airlines flight from Chicago to Atlanta.  The Delta Express carrier reports that the cargo door swung open shortly after takeoff, and the pilot returned to the airport to discover 2 pieces of luggage missing.  In a small miracle, one of the pieces of luggage was found yesterday in a railyard near the airport.

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Skybus Opens New Base at Greensboro

Skybus is branching out from its Columbus-based operation by launching a small hub in Greensboro, NC, with flights to Florida, the Northeast, and Burbank starting early next year.  Skybus recently shifted its scheduled around in Columbus, eliminating flights to San Diego and dropping one of its flights to Burbank.  They learned, as JetBlue learned, that long-haul flights aren't as profitable as shorter trips.  Of course, it remains to be seen whether daily service from Greensboro to Chicopee, MA, can be profitable...

In somewhat similar news. former Continental Express partner ExpressJet Airlines, which launched its own airline earlier in the year serving smaller cities that didn't have nonstop service, is now re-thinking that decision.  The CEO now says they're mulling going private again to give them a bit more flexibility with their business strategy.  ExpressJet, we hardly knew ye.

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October 22, 2007

Passenger Shot, Gets on Plane Anyway

A man who was shot during a domestic dispute boarded a flight from Tampa to Albany (NY) with a stop in Charlotte over the weekend.  During the flight to Charlotte he asked a flight attendant for a band-aid (?) to cover the bullet wound.  The flight attendant made sure an ambulance was waiting for him in Charlotte, where he missed his connection to Albany.

As the story notes, it's unclear how he got through security with the bullet in him.

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Iowa Airport SUX

The 3-letter code for the airport in Sioux City, Iowa, is SUX.  Har.  Airport authorities have been fighting for years to get it changed to something that does not suck, but they have recently decided to embrace the name, using flysux.com as their website and printing t-shirts and hats with the name on it.

But really, the best part of this story is that the FAA offered them 5 other choices that the airport turned down.  The best of those 5?  GAY.  Now THAT sux.

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