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February 09, 2007

Closed Bangkok Airport to Re-Open

Bangkok will re-open Don Muang Airport, which was closed last September after the city's new airport opened.  However, the new facility has been plagued with problems since its opening.  To prevent overcrowding at the new airport (yes, overcrowding due to closed gates, which is a result of cracked runways at the brand new airfield), the prime minister is ordered the re-opening of the old airport (an airport which was no prize either).  No word on which airlines will be moving back, but it will be annoying to note that there is no public transportation between the two airports, which are about 20 miles apart.

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Goodbye Western Airlines

Western Airlines, a scheduled charter airline flying from Bellingham, Washington (?!), to Phoenix (Mesa, AZ, actually), Ontario, CA,  and San Diego, has shut down after just two weeks in business.  The airline, which was run by Xtra Airways, ran out of cash after a glitch in credit card processing.  Or so they say.  Let me just say, that's one hell of a glitch.  Execs at the airline say they're hoping to be up and running soon.  Don't hold your breath.

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February 08, 2007

Gulfstream Test Flight Leaves Mark on Internet

Airline nerd story alert:

Gulfstream did an 8 hour test of one of its Gulfstream V aircraft today solely (?) so it could form a flight track across 11 states in the shape of "GV," the initials for the Gulfstream V.  That will make more sense if you look here.

Thanks, as always, to GloomyJoe for that one.

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3 Day Sale in World Traveller Plus on British Airways

British Airways is having a 3-day sale ($298 round trip from most of the East Coast to London), but more impressively, you can fly in their premium economy section (called World Traveller Plus) for just $200 more round trip.  Just book by February 10 and fly by March 25th on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays.  Price doesn't include a crapload of taxes. (crapload = about $160).

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Fly on a 777 Delivery Flight

Continental Airlines has a pretty cool auction going on right now:  You can bid to fly on a Boeing 777 delivery flight from Seattle to either Houston or Newark.  It will be the 2nd-to-last 777 that Continental takes delivery of, and you'll be flying with CO execs.  You'll also get a tour of the Boeing factory.  Pretty neat.  Plus, the proceeds go to the March of Dimes.

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February 07, 2007

Spirit Airlines Will Charge $10 For Second Piece of Luggage

Pack well if you're going to fly on Spirit Airlines:  The carrier will begin charging $10 for the second bag you check and $100 (yes, $100) for the 3rd bag.  Leave those bulky sweaters at home...

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JetBlue Alliance with Aer Lingus?

You may read stories today about an "alliance" between JetBlue and Ireland's Aer Lingus.  Read the details.  This is not a typical alliance -- there's no code sharing, for example.  Rather, each airline will put a link to the other on their website.  That appears to be it.  For whatever reason, people are very excited about the idea of an airline setting up an alliance with JetBlue.  That's fine.  But this isn't that.

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February 06, 2007

Travel Blog Awards

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let you know that the Upgrade Travel Better blog has created a Travel Blog award they're giving out to a handful of travel blogs voted on by its readers.  Well, I'm not asking you to go vote or anything, but if you had any desire to vote for the Best Single Author Travel Blog, you can do it here (by leaving a response in the comments).  Or if, for whatever reason, you felt a desire to vote for the Best Informative/Practical Travel blog, you could do it here.  I'm just saying...

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Austrian Airlines' Iraq Strategy

Travel Weekly has a pretty good article about Austrian Airlines' new flights to Erbil, Iraq, in Kurdistan.  Several airlines have tried to avoid competition and lower fares by flying to underserved cities (think Delta's new flights to Ghana and the Ukraine), but this is a huge leap past that.  Without the competition to Erbil, Austrian can make a profit by flying the planes about half full.  Pretty impressive.

It's also worth a read to read about how the region may become a tourist destination sooner rather than later, believe it or not.

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February 05, 2007

ExpressJet Launches Own Airline

ExpressJet, which used to fly under the Continental Express banner, has launched its own airline (called ExpressJet, of course).  Pay no attention to the Independence Air debacle that happened when Atlantic Coast Airlines did the same thing.  Not important (they say).  What is important is that you can now fly nonstop from Omaha to San Diego.  Or, if you prefer, Tulsa to Sacramento.  Could be ugly.

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American and Expedia Make Up

You may remember that American Airlines had a bit of a tiff over distribution costs with Expedia, resulting in American pulling its international flights and domestic business class flights from the online travel agency.  Well, they've kissed and made up and all of those fares are back up on Expedia.

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