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February 16, 2007

Follow Up to the JetBlue JFK Snowstorm Mess

Just a quick follow-up to the JetBlue JFK snowstorm disaster:

Turns out JetBlue waited 5 hours to call airport authorities for help offloading passengers.  Oops. 

And my father brought up a good point:  Will 1 snowstorm undo 7 years of goodwill and great stories about the airline?  Did Wednesday mark the day that JetBlue became just another airline that everyone hates?

And CEO David Neeleman's response: "We should've done better" is completely inadequate, considering these people were held hostage for 9, 10 or 11 hours. 

On the plus side, apparently American Airlines was still charging $3 for cookies on its 5 hour delayed flight to Miami. 

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Mauritanian Plane Hijacked

An Air Mauritania 737 was hijacked yesterday, with the hijacker demanding to be flown to France.  Instead, the plane made a stop in the Western Sahara, then continued on to the Canary Islands.  Upon landing in the Canaries, the pilot landed hard, knocking the hijacker off his feet, allowing passengers to overpower him.  The hijacking may be tied to an Al Qaeda call to attack the Mauritanian government for recognizing Israel. 

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February 15, 2007

Squirrel On Plane Causes American Airlines Flight Diversion

A squirrel running around in the wiring above the cockpit of an American Airlines 777 forced the flight from Tokyo to Dallas to divert to Honolulu.  A spokesman for the airline said, "You do not want a varmint up in the wiring areas and what-have-you on an airplane."  Apparently Jeff Foxworthy is their spokesperson.

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Pakistan International Airlines Fires "Dull" Flight Attendants

Pakistan's supreme court is asking Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to explain its policy of firing its flight attendants at age 45 because of "dull and poor appearance."  A number of flight attendants have sued the airline, noting that they were fired because they were told they had "dull and poor appearance, scars on face, gap in the front teeth and the age factor affecting looks".  Nicely done.

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JetBlue Code Share and 11 Hours on Tarmac

Some JetBlue passengers were stranded for as along as 11 hours on the tarmac at JFK as they waited out a winter storm.  Yes, 11 hours.  In their defense, well, uh, there is no in-their-defense (you can read the official statement here.)  The airline said that they'll give a refund and an additional free flight to any passengers stranded more than 3 hours (there were about 10 flights delayed that long).

In unrelated JetBlue news, the airline announced summer service to Nantucket, which is interesting primarily because during non-summer months they will have a code share with Cape Air, to offer customers connecting service to Cape Cod and nearby islands.  Airine watchers (?) have oft-discussed JetBlue's codeshare plans, and I can assure you nobody thought Cape Air would be the first.

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February 14, 2007

It's Time to Go to Europe

Because it's a slow news day over here at the OTR, I wanted to remind you that 'tis the season for cheap packages to Europe.  Not least of which:

Gate1Travel has a $549 4 night air/hotel package to Paris.
GoToday has a 6-night London air/hotel package for $499.
Icelandair has roundtrips for around $450 to Iceland through mid-June, which is a huge bargain for that time of year.

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February 13, 2007

Flight Attendant Fired for Alleged Mid-Air Sex with Ralph Fiennes

A Qantas flight attendant may be fired for having an alleged sexual encounter with Ralph Fiennes in a first class bathroom while she was working.  The flight attendant disputes the charge, saying she went to the bathroom after having a conversation with Fiennes and that he followed her in.  The odd (well, another odd) part of this is that Fiennes was on his way to India to promote safe sex practices.  Perhaps he was practicing.

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Man Removes Pants to Go Through Security

I know I sometimes feel a bit violated as I go through airport security and am asked to remove my jacket, shoes, belt, and whatnot.  A German passenger in Manila's airport felt the same way, so he took off his pants in protest.  Authorities were not amused.

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February 12, 2007

US Airways Chief Arrested for Drunk Driving

This is a shocker:  US Airways' CEO Douglas Parker was arrested for drunk driving on January 31st, it was reported on Friday.  To make things worse for him, he had 3 prior alcohol-related legal incidents in his 20s (granted, that may or may not be relevant to the recent arrest, but the Phoenix papers are making a biggish deal out of it).  Given the large number of positive stories about Parker recently, this is a tough fall from grace for him. 

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