April 16, 2007

Midwest Rejects AirTran a Third Time

Midwest's board rejected AirTran's offer for a third time on Friday, leading AirTran to put out a statement calling Midwest's board "delusional."  AirTran had upped its offer to $15.75 a share for Midwest, whose stock had closed at $8.13 on Friday (maybe AirTran is delusional). 

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March 05, 2007

AirTran Offers Charter for Families of Bluffton Players

I just wanted to give AirTran a giant bucket of credit for chartering a plane for the famlies of the Bluffton University baseball team who were killed or injured in the horrible bus accident last week.  A couple of other airlines have also stepped up and offered flights to Atlanta for family members, but AirTran was the first to offer, chartering a plane from Toledo to Atlanta and flew about 30 family members down (and back) for free.  Bravo.

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June 26, 2006

AirTran Gives $100 Apology

AirTran had a massive computer problem last Tuesday that caused huge delays for nearly all of its passengers at Atlanta's airport.  In a move that deserves lots of publicity, they are mailing $100 vouchers to the 15,000 passengers who were affected by the problems with their computer reservation system.  If you think about all of the times an airline has caused a delay and then given a half-assed apology, this is pretty impressive.  Something to remember the next time you're deciding between AirTran and Delta...

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March 03, 2006

AirTran and Delta Fight Over On Time Performance

AirTran and Delta are in a bit of a pissing match after Delta put out a press release saying that their on-time performance topped that of AirTran in Atlanta.  While this is true, it was overshadowed by Delta's announcement yesterday that it lost $300 million in January.  Well done.  Anyway, in response, AirTran put out a wonderfully bitchy press release ripping on Delta for their overall operations, noting: "Based on the most recent DOT report, Delta was 21 percent more likely to cancel your flight, 64 percent more likely to lose your bag, an astounding 1,440 percent more likely to bump you against your will and, I suppose, not surprisingly, Delta customers complain 93 percent more about their Delta flights and service than AirTran customers."

The release concluded: "So if you don't need to get there and don't really like your luggage, fly Delta."

Damn, that's good stuff.

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