August 31, 2007

Spirit Airlines: We'll Pay You to Fly (Kinda)

Taking a page from the SkyEurope playbook, Spirit Airlines is offering a deal where they'll pay you up to $4 to fly (you'll have to pay taxes and fees).  Only a handful of dates are available for each city pair, but you can construct round trip flights where you'll just pay taxes minus $8.  Cute gimmick.

FOLLOW UP:  Now this is interesting:  that page and that promotion have disappeared from their website.  One of two things happened:  1) Technically, they were having trouble with negative dollar fares (entirely plausible); or 2) Some regulator called and told them they can't say that they're paying you to fly when, because of taxes, you're still paying to fly.  While the first is highly possible, I'm going with number 2.  Any updates are appreciated.

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August 08, 2007

Spirit Airlines: Please Do Not Hide Your Monkey in Your Ponytail

A passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight from Lima, Peru to LaGuardia (connecting in Fort Lauderdale) was caught hiding a monkey in ponytail (that's not a euphemism...he actually had a monkey under his ponytail).  During the flight to LaGuardia the monkey got loose from the ponytail (where he must have been hanging out for 7 or 8 hours) and the passenger was forced to hold the monkey on his lap.  Passengers and staff easily detected the monkey, as it was sitting in the guy's lap.  Health officials (that's what the story says) confiscated the monkey upon his arrival in New York.

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May 25, 2007

Spirit Airlines Announces Service to Nicaragua

Spirit Airlines announced new service to Managua, Nicaragua, beginning in August.  Normally, I don't bother sharing new routes, but this marks a rather significant expansion into Latin America for the little-airline-that-could.  The past year has seen Spirit announce new service to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti and Peru, among other destinations.  What's interesting, is that US Airways tried to launch many of these same (or similar) services from its Ft. Lauderdale hub (or focus city) a couple of years ago, without much success.  Spirit has created buzz by offering seats to new cities for $.08 and keeping regular fares extremely reasonable.  Launching from Lauderdale was gutsy, as American has much of Latin America sewn up from Miami, but their ridiculous introductory fares have put a bit of buzz around the airline and gotten them noticed by the ethnic communities they're hoping to serve. 

Always good to see an airline take a bit of a different approach...well done.

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March 13, 2007

Spirit Airlines Launches Club for Low Fares

Say what you will about Spirit Airlines, but you cannot deny that have been pretty innovative on the marketing front lately.  In their latest move, they have introduced what they're calling the $9 Fare Club.  Basically, you pay $30 a year (or $10 for a 3-month trial), and you'll get access to their super low sale fares before anyone else (by "super low" I mean "$1").  I have no idea if this is a good deal, as those $1 fares (and $8 fares and whatnot) generally aren't available as part of a reasonable roundtrip.  But, if you live in a market with a fair amount of service from Spirit, it may be worth the $10.  Either way, has any other airline thought of making you pay to get low fares?  Brilliant.

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March 07, 2007

Spirit Airlines to Charge for Soda, Checked Luggage

It was early yesterday when I read about Spirit Airlines, so I missed the most important piece of news buried in their press release:  Soda and coffee will now cost $1, and checked bags will cost $5 if done in advance online or $10 if done at the airport.  In return, Spirit has said they have lowered fares across the board up to 40%.  Yes, this sounds like Ryanair.  Look for other carriers to follow soon enough.

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March 06, 2007

Spirit Airlines Quietly Downgrades Its Business Class

Spirit Airlines has quietly downgraded its business class product to something it's calling  "Big Front Seat."  Basically, you get a business class (ish) seat with no frills.  Considering how cheap it is (NYC to Florida round trip can be in the $400 range, or less), it's still a great deal.  But I thought you'd want to know.

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February 07, 2007

Spirit Airlines Will Charge $10 For Second Piece of Luggage

Pack well if you're going to fly on Spirit Airlines:  The carrier will begin charging $10 for the second bag you check and $100 (yes, $100) for the 3rd bag.  Leave those bulky sweaters at home...

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January 26, 2007

$64 Fares from Fort Lauderdale to Costa Rica

Spirit Airlines is launching three-times-a-week service from Ft. Lauderdale to San Jose, Costa Rica with fares starting at $64 each way.  Yes, there are some 8 cent fares available, but the dates are so sporadic, you can't make a reasonable round trip with them.  But $128 (plus tax) round trip is still an incredible bargain. 

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January 19, 2007

A Nickel to Haiti

Spirit Airlines is launching nonstop service from Fort Lauderdale to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti beginning in March.   Special fares start at a nickel each way, and they're actually available (with tax, it comes to about $85 round trip).   Now, Americans are warned not to go to Haiti, and for good reason (well, many good reasons, not least of which is the 60 people who were kidnapped in Port-Au-Prince last year).  But for Haitians in south Florida, this is one helluva deal.  In case you were wondering, Spirit's aircraft will spend a grand total of 40 minutes in Haiti from when they land to when they get the hell outta there.

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January 05, 2007

5 Cent Fares from Spirit

I've wondered why no airline in the US has tried the Ryanair marketing approach of offering nearly free fares.  Wonder no more.  Spirit Airlines has 5 cent fares for random dates in January, February and March.  Good luck actually finding a reasonable round trip for $.10, but it is possible.  I'd be curious if anyone can snag one.

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May 19, 2006

Spirit Airlines Low Business Class Fares

Spirit Airlines has a sale on their business class fares and they're extremely reasonable:  New York to LA is about $500 round trip (even cheaper midweek), while New York to Florida is about $350 round trip (again, cheaper midweek).  Spirit's business class is roughly on par with domestic business class on the larger carriers, so this really is a steal.  (though let me note that, at least right now, if you go to Spirit's homepage, you'll see an ad that shows a woman lying next to a man and she's saying, "loved those extra 6 inches."  I'm at least as rude and immature as the next guy---probably more---but I mean, come on.)

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April 28, 2006

Spirit Airlines: $8 Each Way from New York to Cancun (Other Cities, too)

Spirit Airlines is having another one of their Ryanair-like sales, putting a bunch of cities on sale for $8 each way (unlike Ryanair, these fares are only available on a handful of days).  However, they do tell you which days are available.  You can get these crazy fares from New York to Cancun, Detroit to San Francisco, Fort Lauderdale to Nassau, and lots of other cities.  Good luck!

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March 09, 2006

$49 Fare from Fort Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos

Via Travelzoo...Spirit Airlines is offering a $49 one way fare from Fort Lauderdale to Turks and Caicos.  The price is good Tuesdays and Wednesdays through June 21st.  Taxes add another $83 round trip.

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January 31, 2006

Snoop Dogg's Low Fares At

It's good to see that Spirit Airlines doesn't take itself too seriously:

The carrier is offering discounted seats to Detroit for the Snoop Dogg-sponsored Snooper Bowl at, get ready for this,  Yes, you read that correctly.  The LBC is coming DE-troit for a charity youth football game.  Now, you may be wondering why a guy who has spoken at length about the joys of marijuana usage is now a child charity hero, but that's neither here nor there.  More power to him, I say.  He'll be coaching a team of kids from the LBC playing football against a team of kids from Detroit on February 4th and in Pontiac Silverdome.  Spirit Airlines is offering $20 off round trip tickets to Detroit in early February in conjunction with the Snooper Bowl.  (It's actually Snooper Bowl II, but you probably knew that already).

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