October 04, 2007

US Airways Shrinks Pittsburgh Even Further

US Airways has been trying to get out of Pittsburgh gracefully for some time now (but they keep pulling me back in!), but it looks like the nail is in the proverbial coffin:  the carrier announced that it will shrink mainline service from 31 daily flights at the airport down to 22, and regional affiliate flights from 77 to 46.  They'll drop service altogether to a bunch of cities, including Chicago and Denver.  They've lost more than $40 million at the hub over the past year, so this move is no shock.

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May 24, 2007

Get Wasted on US Airways

For the second time in 6 months, US Airways has been cited for allowing a passenger to get drunk on a flight to New Mexico.  That wouldn't normally be a problem but, also for the second time, the passenger was arrested for DUI while driving home after the flight landed (he would've had to be REALLY drunk to drive home before the flight landed).  New Mexico has cracked down on in-flight drinking after a US Airways passenger killed himself and 5 others in a DUI-related crash in November (he had been drinking on a the flight, then drove home drunk).  The State of New Mexico told US Airways it was no longer allowed to serve alcohol on flights to the state without a New Mexico liquor license.  The carrier has since received a temporary license. 

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March 06, 2007

US Airways Suffers Computer Glitch

US Airways switched its reservations system over to the America West SHARES system (unimportant detail) over the weekend and suffered some serious complications at Boston, Charlotte and Philadelphia (kiosk checkin didn't work).  Switching a reservations system is a major undertaking (having just gone through this on a much smaller scale), so you can cut them some slack.  But on the down side, less than 20% of US Airways' flights were on-time systemwide on Sunday.  If you're flying US Airways today, check in at home.

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February 21, 2007

US Airways CEO to Spend Day in Jail for DUI

Not a good week for airline CEOs...

US Airways CEO Doug Parker pleaded guilty to a DUI charge and will spend a day in jail (as well as paying a fine) as part of his sentence.  No one was hurt when he was arrested last month -- his third DUI offense (the others were nearly 20 years ago).

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February 12, 2007

US Airways Chief Arrested for Drunk Driving

This is a shocker:  US Airways' CEO Douglas Parker was arrested for drunk driving on January 31st, it was reported on Friday.  To make things worse for him, he had 3 prior alcohol-related legal incidents in his 20s (granted, that may or may not be relevant to the recent arrest, but the Phoenix papers are making a biggish deal out of it).  Given the large number of positive stories about Parker recently, this is a tough fall from grace for him. 

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January 31, 2007

Is the US Airways/Delta Merger Finished?

US Airways' CEO said yesterday that they have made their final offer for Delta and that if Delta's board doesn't want to approve it, the offer will expire February 1.  He also dismissed speculation that US Airways would up the bid by $1 billion.  So, with Delta off the table, is Northwest next?  If Delta and Northwest made sense, and Delta and US Airways made sense, wouldn't US Airways and Northwest make sense (as much as any of these ridiculous rumors make sense)?  When we will start hearing those rumors?

(UPDATE: IT'S FINISHED.)  US Airways frequent flyers who were dreaming of using their miles to fly to Kiev or Dakar should shelve those dreams and book their free flights to Elmira or Franklin-Oil City or wherever US Airways flies.

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January 30, 2007

Is US Airways a Liquor Bootlegger?

The State of New Mexico has accused US Airways of being a liquor bootlegger because it has been selling liquor on flights to and from New Mexico without a New Mexico liquor license.  I know, it doesn't really make sense.  Maybe if you read the linked article it will (but I doubt it).

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January 10, 2007

US Airways Increases Offer for Delta

After saying that it wasn't going to increase its offer for Delta, US Airways has increased its offer by about $1 billion and 11 million shares -- certainly not a small amount of money.  According to US Airways, this is above what Delta has claimed to be its valuation given its standalone plan.  As I'm not a financial analyst, I have no idea whether this is a good idea or not.  We'll see where US Airways' stock opens today to see what people think (yes, I know, this was lame.  I just can't pretend to know where Delta should be valued.  I still think, though, that jamming together Delta and US Airways before America West is fully merged with US Airways is a mistake.  But what do I know.)

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December 20, 2006

Delta Rejects US Airways Bid

You can read much more about this elsewhere, but in case you didn't see it (if you're reading this site, though, you probably have seen it.  I'll shut up now) Delta rejected US Airways' buyout offer.  The most interesting reason given by Delta is that the merger would create monopoly power on 2,000 city pairs.  I would think this would be a good thing for an airline, as they could increase fares, but they're saying that the merger would never pass Department of Justice scrutiny.  Look for US Airways to increase their offer, only to be rebuffed again.  My guess?  Delta will ultimately stay independent.

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November 22, 2006

6 Muslims Removed from Flight for Saying Prayers

Another proud day for America:  6 imams were kicked off a US Airways flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix because passengers accused them of "suspicous activity" on the plane.  The aforementioned suspicious activity was the 6 men praying.  There are so many things wrong with this that I can't even discuss it.

OK, there's more.  A spokesperson for the airport said that "said some witnesses reported the men were making anti-American statements involving the Iraq war, asked to change seats once inside the cabin, that one requested an extender to make his seat belt larger even though he did not appear to need it and that in general 'there was some peculiar behavior.'"  Yes, they were kicked off for praying and criticizing the Iraq war.  And because one of them felt a bit bloated. 

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November 15, 2006

Holy Crap: US Airways Offers $8 Billion for Delta

OK, I've thought about this a bit, and I think this is probably a great purchase.  Or a terrible one.  For full disclosure, I own a bit of US Airways stock.  But it's not like anyone listens to me, so it doesn't matter what I think.  But here's what I think.  US Airways basically thinks that Delta is a great company that is clouded in a sea of bad management, bad decisions and high costs.  If you fire the management (done), stop making terrible pricing decisions (done), and eliminate the costs (done, as Delta is non-union), that you will end up with a more giant version of the so-far-successful merger between US Airways and America West. Bravo. 

Or they can end up trying to integrate the extraordinary mess that is Delta, which will in turn drag down the nice job they've done combining the 1st two airlines.  That would be ugly and horrible.

But (and I've said this before), the executive team at US Airways is probably the best of all the network carriers (Continental, perhaps, excluded).  They've made a long string of great decisions, and they run their airline by the numbers, not by irrational competition.  Who ever thought you'd be able to use your America West miles to fly to Senegal.  Crazy.

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October 03, 2006

Great Elite Miles Promotion on US Airways

Most frequent flyer promotions offer you miles that don't count toward Elite status (which is what most frequent flyers actually care about).  US Airways has changed that:  Through the end of the year, any miles earned on their hotel and car partners (as well as FTD flowers) count toward Elite status.  Go send your wife some flowers so you can fly up front next year...

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July 31, 2006

Is US Airways Trying to Merge with Delta?

A number of news reports are noting that US Airways' CEO approached Delta this summer about a possible merger.  Delta's representatives say that they are not interested in a merger but, given the profitability of the recently merged US Airways, people are getting excited about the possibility of airline mergers again.  This is insanity, as US Airways is an outlier in a sea of failed mergers.  Could a merged Northwest and Delta be successful?  Or a merged United and Delta?  Uh, doubtful.  But we'll likely see a crazy merger in the next year as the market gets excited about consolidation.

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July 07, 2006

US Airways Considering Eliminating Some First Class Seats

Bad news for US Airways elite flyers:  The airline is considering removing 10 of its 26 first class seats from its A321 aircraft.  These planes typically fly cross-country, where elite flyers were enjoying free upgrades.  You can say goodbye to that.  The 26 seats was pretty generous to begin with, as most airlines had fewer than that so while there'll be some grumbling, it's what most frequent flyers are facing these days.  The carrier is also going to add a row of coach seats to its A319s, reducing seat pitch by an inch or so, and removing 4 first class seats (previously 16, now 12) from its A320s.  In short, they're making the airline look more like America West and less like US Airways.

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May 18, 2006

US Airways Plane in Piedmont Colors

Warning:  True Airline Dork Alert

First off, I know that 95% of you won't care about this.  But for the 5% who will, US Airways has unveiled its second airplane in its heritage series, where it's painting aircraft in the colors of the airlines that have been merged into the current US Airways.  You can see the first plane in PSA colors here. (thanks to USA Today for that link)

The A319 painted in Piedmont's colors can be seen here

Again, I'm a dork about this stuff, but it's kinda cool.  Not in an actual cool way, mind you, but in a guy-who-cares-about-airplane-paint-schemes kinda way.

(And a CORRECTION: Reader Jeff Lee, also a dork when it comes to this stuff, points out that this is, in fact, the 3rd retro livery.  You can see the Allegheny plane I failed to mention here.  Thanks, Jeff!)

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April 19, 2006

US Airways to JetBlue: You Suck

US Airways and JetBlue are in a bit of a pissing match after JetBlue's CEO said that passengers in Charlotte have "overpaid for substandard service," a likely reference to US Airways.  In response, US Airways' CEO sent a letter to employees that can be viewed here.  In it, he says that JetBlue's problems are "serious and structural" while adding that JetBlue's on-time record is far worse than that of US Airways: "To characterize arriving late in JFK with a TV in front of you as better service than being on-time in LGA...suggests that JetBlue may be looking at the wrong service standards."

It's worth a read...

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