Best Portable Irons

No matter how neatly you fold your clothes in your luggage, they will still come out with creases. When you have a special occasion or an important conference to attend, the last thing you want is to don a dress or suit that’s wrinkled. Unfortunately, not all hotels provide irons you can use or offer ironing services you can take advantage of. This is why it is always good to have a portable iron you can take whenever you travel. A mini iron allows you to iron your clothes wherever it is most convenient for you. It takes away the hassle of trying to find a pressing shop whenever you go on a business trip.

Different portable irons have different features, making choosing one a bit tricky. You will want an iron that will not take up a lot of space in your bag and is light enough to be carried around. It should be versatile for any type of fabric to avoid damage, and have a non-stick soleplate for easy glide-through over the toughest wrinkles. Here are six portable irons that are getting great reviews from busy professionals, who want nice and crisp clothes, like you.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a portable iron?

    Answer: A portable iron is a mini version of a clothes iron used to press garments in order to remove creases. It has a compact size and lightweight design that make it easy to carry and store in a luggage or bag.

  2. Is a portable iron necessary?

    Answer: No, but is very useful if you frequently go on trips. Having a portable iron when you travel allows you to remove wrinkles from clothes that have been compressed in your luggage or travel bag.

  3. Do portable irons work on big fabrics?

    Answer: Portable irons may not be a suitable option for smoothing difficult fabrics. This is because of their low capacity which typically ranges from only 800 to 1000 watts.

Our Top Picks


Utopia Home Steam Iron

  • With non-stick soleplate
  • Small and lightweight
  • Powerful steam output
  • 360-degree swivel cord

Say goodbye to wrinkly clothing with this portable iron. Its stainless steel non-stick soleplate smoothly glides through wrinkles effortlessly, no matter what texture of fabric you have in front. It has a light indicator that notifies you when it is powered on or sitting idle. The iron features a 360-degree swivel cord that provides great flexibility so you can have a comfortable ironing experience from different angles. It has a 200-ml water tank for spraying water to create perfect crisp lines on your clothes.


Smagreho Mini Travel Steam Iron

  • Fast heating
  • With dual voltage
  • Anti-slip handle
  • Non-stick Teflon soleplate

Don’t settle for wrinkly clothes with this portable iron. It has a 1.4-ounce water tank that heats up in as fast as 15 seconds, and equipped with 1-touch steam control and 3 temperature settings for various types of fabric. Measuring approximately 5.2 x 3 x 3.1 inches, it is sized and equipped for travel. The iron has 4 steam outlets for relaxing wrinkles and sharpening creases, as well as a heat indicator light to let you know when it is hot.


Reliable 150GTR Portable Steam Iron

  • With heat-resistant travel bag
  • 120 volts
  • Lightweight
  • Ceramic soleplate

Take wrinkles out of clothes with this portable iron. Weighing just 24 ounces, it is lightweight yet powerful enough to tackle tough ironing and steaming jobs. It is gentle on fabrics but strong enough to smooth out creases. This iron functions as a travel iron and vertical steamer in one. It has a patent-pending technology that eliminates spitting and leaking.


ESR AEVO 2-in-1 Portable Steam Iron

  • Horizontal and vertical ironing
  • Fast heating
  • With overheating protection
  • Consistent temperature

Smooth out creases with this portable iron. It allows you to dry iron or steam iron both flat and hanging clothes. It only takes 40 seconds to preheat, and when filled with water, it can steam continuously for up to 9 minutes. This iron has a built-in triple-vaporizing steamer that eliminates wrinkles fast. It maintains a stable temperature and will turn off automatically if it gets too hot or detects an electrical fault. Its soleplate’s leak-proof design prevents water from dripping onto your clothes.


Tlkstore Portable Powerful Clothes Steamer

  • With temperature control
  • Fast heating
  • Flat and vertical ironing
  • Adjustable temperature

Remove wrinkles from clothes with this portable iron. It has a ceramic baseplate for flat ironing and a clothes steamer for vertical ironing. It is made from high quality ABS, PC, and PPS plastic that has a temperature balanced insulation design. This iron has a preheat time of 20 to 50 seconds and a water tank capacity of 100 ml. It penetrates clothes quickly and tilts 45 degrees without water leakage.


Easehold Steam Iron

  • No burns for clothes
  • 2-in-1 function
  • 130 ml water tank capacity
  • Preheats in 40 seconds

Keep your clothes wrinkle free with this portable iron. It has both a steam and dry iron function, making it suitable for dry and wet clothes. It preheats in 40 seconds and lasts for 10 minutes steaming. This iron keeps a constant temperature, so you never have to worry about burns on your clothes. It shuts off automatically at 150 degrees when it is overheated. The iron effectively sterilizes, disinfects, deodorize sand smoothens even the toughest wrinkles. It works well on wool, silk, linen, plush, polyester, and cotton without damaging them.

With a portable iron, you can have crease-free clothes whenever you travel. You no longer have to pay for expensive ironing services or settle for a wrinkled suit.