Best Travel Pillows

Being able to rest is important when you are traveling. If you do not get enough sleep while on the road or in the air, chances are you will reach your destination lethargic and having difficulty functioning well. But let’s face it—sleeping in a chair is not very comfortable. Your head tilts in all directions, disrupting your sleep every now and then. This is why many frequent travelers never leave home without their travel pillow. By fully supporting your head and neck, a travel pillow adapts to any movement you make. It allows you to face any direction you please without leaving you with a stiff neck.

The next time you ride a plane, train, boat, or car, be sure to take with you a travel pillow. It will help you feel more comfortable, especially if you are on an economy seat. We made the search for a good travel pillow easy for you by comparing different products on the market. Read about each to see which will best suit for your travel needs.

Buyers Guide

  1. Is a travel pillow necessary?

    Answer: No, but a travel pillow will help you sleep better and more comfortably especially on long haul flights or road trips.

  2. What happens if you don’t use a travel pillow for sleep?

    Answer: Sleeping without a travel pillow can put some stress on your neck, leaving you feeling fatigued when you wake up.

  3. What makes a good travel pillow?

    Answer: A good travel pillow should have an excellent neck support. It should be soft and breathable, large enough to support your head, and not too bulky so you can store it in your carry-on bag.

Our Top Picks


MLVOC Travel Pillow

  • 100% pure memory foam
  • Comfortable and breathable cover
  • Machine washable
  • With eye mask, earplugs, and bag

Sleep comfortably when you travel with this pillow. It prevents your head from falling forward, relieving neck pain during travel. It features a luxuriously soft memory foam filler that uses the 5-second return technology for cushioning the body. This pillow has a rope lock that you can adjust to meet different neck size requirements. It is covered with a breathable and magnetic therapy cloth with millions of tiny premium microbeads inside for a sweat-free sleep in the car, train, or airplane.


Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

  • Memory foam
  • Breathable and soft
  • Machine washable
  • 360-degree support

Fall asleep faster with this travel pillow. No matter how gravity weighs you down, it will fully support your head, preventing strain on the neck. It features a unique Seat Strap System that eliminates head drop and neck pain by attaching to your headrest, keeping your body in perfect alignment. This pillow has a quick-release clasp that attaches to your bag, saving storage space. It has a moisture-wicking cover that promotes a cool sleeping environment, keeping your neck dry and eliminating bacteria and odors.


Sierra Concepts Travel Pillow

  • 100% pure memory foam
  • Velour fabric
  • With side pocket
  • Soft and comfortable

Get instant ergonomic relief with this travel pillow. Made of 100% pure memory foam, it cushions the neck and relieves pressure points. It has an improved neck support to prevent soreness while traveling and includes an adjustable buckle strap for a secure fit. This pillow has a hidden zipper for easy cover removal and a side pocket for storage of accessories. Its plush velour fabric is super soft, sweat resistant, and breathable, soothing and bracing your neck while you sleep.


SaireiderTravel Neck Pillow

  • 100% memory foam
  • With storage bag, sleep mask, and earplugs
  • 360-degree support
  • Ergonomic design

Prevent your head from going in many directions with this travel pillow. It is made of 100% pure memory foam with a 3-second shape restore technology that allows it to retain its shape after being squeezed. Its 360-degree neck support and contoured shape at side avoid ear discomfort. This pillow features a flat design at the back that prevents your head from being pushed forward during a long flight. Its cover has no chemical smell and can easily be removed for washing.


Travelrest NEST Patented Ultimate Memory Foam Travel Pillow

  • Washable cover
  • Voted Best Travel Pillow for 2020 by Wirecutter
  • Compresses to 1/4 its size
  • Memory foam

Maintain natural alignment while sleeping with this travel pillow. It is made from a special thermo sensitive memory foam to provide optimal neck, shoulder, and head support. It molds perfectly to the contours your neck and shoulders to provide ultimate comfort. This pillow has an exclusive non-slip backing that holds it in place, and an adjustable Velcro that prevents it from slipping or moving. It has an angled back so it does not add bulk, and includes a stuff sack and free memory foam ear plugs.


TallgoTravel Pillow

  • Memory foam
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Multi-angle protection
  • Adjustable buckle and strap

Experience unrivaled head and neck support with this travel pillow. It is constructed with high-quality memory foam that is luxurious, breathable, and easy to compress. It has a soft velour fabric which is safe for the skin and will not pill or fade over time. This pillow features a smooth-gliding zipper and has an adjustable buckle and strap to fit different neck sizes. It provides multi-angle protection for the cervical spine, reducing the amount of pressure on the head and neck.

Having a travel pillow with you whenever you travel will make you more relaxed and comfortable in any sitting position. You will no longer have to feel fatigued every time you get off a train, plane, or car.