Have a Safe Hike with Baby Using The Best Baby Carriers

Some of the best things in life include anything to do with nature—hiking is a popular pursuit that allows people to not only appreciate the wonders of nature, but to forget about the stresses of life in the big city. Family bonds are also a huge pleasure—the company of your loved ones, their smiles and laughter are essential to our soundness. Combine the two and what you will have is quality time that is unparalleled. Want your toddler to join in the fun? With a durable and comfortable baby carrier on hand, the whole family can safely venture into the wild.

Take a closer look into the workings of a baby carrier by reading our guide. We have also provided a handy list of models that deliver much safety and functionality.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the different types of baby carriers?

    Answer: There are two common types of baby carriers—the framed type and the lightweight type. The framed carrier is very durable and made up of sturdy aluminum frames. It is also composed of additional storage space so parents can store essential baby supplies on it like diapers, water, snacks and smaller toys. The lightweight carrier is more suited for the urban environment. These carriers have a structure which resembles a standard backpack but it still includes a frame in order to accommodate the baby. They are less bulky too compared to standard frame carriers which are more recommended for short trips and hiking.

  2. What factors should I consider when choosing baby carriers?

    Answer: The best baby carrier for your child is something that suits his age and weight. The carrier should offer proper head and neck support for the child’s age. The weight capacity is crucial since its structure should be able to accommodate the weight of the baby. Choose ones with a very secure child harness and cockpit since these components will assure that your child will be kept safe throughout the hike or trip. Quality baby carriers feature adjustable, comfortable harness systems. The cockpit should have an excellent design too, one that will give sufficient support for the child’s back, neck and head. Better models feature padded support in front in case the baby falls asleep during the trip or hike. Lots of baby carriers also feature structure which support your child from babyhood up to toddler age.

  3. What additional features should I be aware of when it comes to baby carriers?

    Answer: Consider the amount of storage you need. Lots of baby carriers include extra numbers of pockets to stash hiking essentials like phones, diapers, food and the like. Many baby carriers are also equipped with rain covers, sun shades, drool pads and even toy rings to keep your baby protected and entertained throughout the trip.

Our Top Picks


Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier for Hiking with Kids

  • Has safety stirrups and straps
  • Height-adjustable
  • Includes multiple pockets
  • Waterproof 600D & 300D ripstop polyester

The Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier made it on top of this list simply to its wonderful safety and comfort features. These features allow your baby to be happy and comfy on the trail. For one, this one comes with a removable rain cover. The carrier is made to be comfortable to wear as well—no more pressure on mom or dad’s back. It has an adjustable height to accommodate your child’s height plus the mesh back gives lots of air circulation for extra comfort. You can also change baby’s nappies while hiking—this one actually comes with a diaper-changing pad for those sudden nappy episodes.


OE Shoulder Carrier

  • Child has a great view
  • Can be folded into a regular backpack
  • Weight sits on back rather than shoulders
  • Only takes one person to help the child to get on or get off
  • Storage for baby wipes, water bottle or other necessities

Remember when we were little, we all sat on our Dads’ shoulders at some point, whether in Disneyland watching fireworks, or in an aquarium looking at a sea turtle. This carrier makes hiking a fun activity for all family members. The child who sits securely on the parent’s shoulders also gets to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery. It can be also very helpful when you take a trip to a zoo or a museum because it only requires one parent to get the child on or off, without needing to deal with the stroller. The ankle and shoulder straps ensure that the child sits safely on top while the sun shade blocks UV light during outdoor adventures. This carrier comes with a backpack that is roomy enough to store things like baby wipes, hydration bladders, extra clothes or other items. It also has a fanny bag which can hold keys, cell phones or other small items. OE carrier can be used for traveling as well because it is very compact when folded and can be stored underneath the airplane seat.


Osprey Poco Child Carrier

  • Has built-in sun shade
  • Features Double Halo child harness
  • Includes adjustable and removable foot stirrups
  • Comes with removable and washable drool pad

Your baby will get to enjoy the sights along the trail in her comfortable spot—your back, using the Osprey Poco Child Carrier. Essential parts of the baby carrier include the deluxe child cockpit outfitted with the Double Halo harness and adjustable/removable foot stirrups. The carrier also comes with an adjustable torso to fit different-size adults, a lower zippered compartment and hydration sleeve plus a removable and washable drool pad.


Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

  • Has cushioned, height-adjustable seat
  • Includes 5-point harness
  • Has padded lumbar support
  • Includes cushioned, adjustable waist and shoulder straps

The Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier makes accommodations for your baby during hiking trips an easier feat. Safety is assured by way of its height-adjustable seat, a 5-point harness and cushioned backrest. The carrier comes with a strong yet lightweight aluminum frame with shoulder straps, lumbar support and a padded waist. The lumbar support has a distinctive form which allows it to boost air circulation throughout for comfier trips. Also includes an adjustable canopy which serves as a sun shade.


Thule Sapling Elite Child Carrier Backpack

  • Adjustable back panel and hip belt
  • Offers simple fit adjustments
  • Includes large zippered compartment
  • Features height-adjustable seat

The parents are the plants and their child, the sapling in this quality Elite Child Carrier Backpack from the Thule brand. Both parents and child will be comfortable in this top baby carrier. It features a completely adjustable back panel and hip belt for the best fit and comfort. The structure of the carrier also makes this one a safer hub for your precious baby with its height-adjustable and ergonomic seat. It has ample storage for your trip supplies from the bigger zippered compartment down to its mesh pockets.


ClevrPlus Deluxe Adjustable Baby Carrier

  • Has foldable metal frame
  • Strong and comfortable for parent and baby
  • Has energy-absorbing lumbar panel
  • Bigger storage areas

The ClevrPlus Deluxe Adjustable Baby Carrier only weighs 5.2 pounds but it can accommodate up to 33 pounds of baby weight. The whole structure of the carrier is made to be comfortable for both parent and child. It includes an energy-absorbing lumbar padding, adjustable waist band plus padded hip belt and straps. The adjustable seat is also customizable so your child can grow with it. includes bigger storage areas to stash hiking and short trip essentials.

Make those family hiking trips with the baby a safe and comfortable one by investing in the best baby carriers for your money. Our list has the items you need—choose a model which accurately suits you and your little bundle of joy’s needs.