Journey in Comfort with These Travel-Friendly Umbrellas

Umbrellas back then used to be a simple, lengthy stick-style device in a black color, good enough to provide shade during hot weather and protection against rain. Modern technology though has turned the simple umbrella into a more compact, reinforced device that can withstand not only rain and harsh UV rays, but wind as well. For those traveling in locations with unpredictable weather, make sure to have any of our favorite travel-friendly umbrellas with you. These umbrellas will keep your journeys smooth, free from hassles and more enjoyable.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between travel-friendly umbrellas and regular umbrellas?

    Answer: Umbrellas that are made for traveling are different from standard ones since they are made to tolerate traveling conditions. Travel umbrellas are also compact and portable so they will fit easily inside carry-alls, bags, purses and backpacks. These umbrellas often have waterproof and windproof features. Compact umbrellas usually have a foldable design. Its canopy is made up of a shaft with several telescoping parts and folding ribs.

  2. What makes the best travel umbrella?

    Answer: The best umbrellas for traveling must be capable of protecting you from the heat of the sun, light and heavy rainfall, sleet, snow and gusty winds. Excellent windproof umbrellas can endure strong winds up to 60mph. Better umbrellas also feature a canopy measurement of at least 40 inches for sufficient protection. For easier opening of the umbrella, good ones have an auto open and close feature. Excellent travel umbrellas also come with water-repelling properties—look for ones with polyester, satin or plastic materials. Effective waterproofing is also done through double-fabric umbrella layering and Teflon coating. Durable umbrellas are also equipped with fiberglass, stainless steel and aluminum parts.

  3. How do you clean and maintain umbrellas?

    Answer: A good way to clean umbrellas is by washing it in the tub. To do this, you should also have a gentle laundry detergent and a sponge. Fill the bathtub with enough warm water to fully immerse the umbrella then add a dash of laundry detergent on the water. Stir the water with your hand to spread the detergent. Open the umbrella partially so it can fit inside the tub—make sure that it is soaked completely. Allow to soak for a few minutes then clean the surface of the umbrella with the soapy water and sponge. Rinse thoroughly, open the umbrella and let dry.

Our Top Picks


Repel Umbrella Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating

  • Has automatic open/close function
  • 11.5 inches long
  • Lightweight
  • Double-vented 9 rib canopy

The Repel Umbrella Travel Umbrella with Teflon Coating is one of the best-selling umbrellas in the market today due to its practical, effective features. The double-vented, 9-rib canopy it comes with is indeed sturdy and capable of resisting strong winds. It flexes moderately once it encounters powerful gusts however it will not succumb to turning inside out. It also displays excellent water-repelling properties thanks to its Teflon coating, dries quickly and has an anti-slip, ergonomic rubberized grip for fuss-free carrying.


EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella

  • Has double-vented canopy
  • Distinctive frame system
  • High-quality fiberglass
  • Durable stainless steel parts

The EEZ-Y Windproof Travel Umbrella is another nice choice since it also comes with a vented double canopy which is supplemented by a distinctive frame system which guarantees ease of use and durability. This is one windproof unit, provided by the vented double canopy system. The umbrella is composed of a quality water-repellent material, a rubberized handle, rust and break-proof black metal and fiberglass parts. The compact size also allows it to fit inside most bags and backpacks.


SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella

  • High wind resistance up to 55 mph
  • 210T pongee canopy
  • Fully-automatic umbrella
  • Lightweight and compact

The SY COMPACT Travel Umbrella features a canopy that is made up of premium 210T pongee material, built to resist water and strong gusts of wind up to 55 mph. The material does not only have excellent water resistance, it also dries fast. The canopy has a size of 41 inches so you get sufficient protection from the sun and rain. This one is also completely automatic so it’s very easy to open and close while you’re in a hurry.


Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella

  • Strong, all-metal frame
  • Has 3-fold telescopic shaft
  • Sturdy weatherproof canopy
  • Includes 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs

The Rain-Mate Compact Travel Umbrella has fully automatic features so you can open and close the item during sudden rainshowers without a hitch. The general built of this model is reliable since its fiberglass hinges make use of a fail-safe technology that will prevent bending and breaking of its ribs. This one comes with 9 reinforced fiberglass ribs thus its wind resistance is pretty strong. Carrying the umbrella is easy too thanks to its ergonomic, slip-proof rubberized handle.


LANBRELLA Windproof Travel Umbrella

  • Distinctive inverted foldable design
  • High-density 210T waterproof material
  • Automatic open/close feature
  • Provides 46-inch arch

The LANBRELLA Windproof Travel Umbrella will not turn itself inside and out even when you’re trying to navigate among gusty winds. It has a unique inverted foldable design which not only withstands strong wind, it also prevents water from dripping as soon as you close it. This one is very compact so you can slip it inside all bags and backpacks. It also comes with a handy automatic close and open function so it’s great to tote along during unpredictable weather.


LifeTek Windproof Travel Umbrella

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Includes 9 resin-strengthened fiberglass ribs
  • Protects against UV rays
  • Features single button press

Now if you want something that can safeguard you from the harmful effects of UV rays and give good shelter against the rain, then this LifeTek umbrella has you covered. This lightweight, compact travel umbrella has the brand’s signature material which has effective UV protection at UPF60+–this means this one blocks up to 98 percent of UV rays. The material and frame are also sturdy enough to give protection during harsh rains and gusty winds. Very easy to use thanks to its single-button press feature.

Do not let those rains and harsh sunlight get you down. Make your travels cool and dry by using the right umbrella—a good travel umbrella will help you navigate the globe smoothly regardless of the weather condition.