Keep Bodies Sand-Free with the Best Beach Blankets

Summer days mean nothing without a trip to the beach. Heading to the beach does not only provide hours of swimming, tanning and people-watching—it is also a relaxing journey. Of course, when you want to embark on an enjoyable beach holiday, you need to pack the essentials with you—a quality beach blanket is key in taking in the beach experience. For the best beach blankets in the market today, do check out our handy guide.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is the difference between a beach blanket and a standard blanket?

    Answer: The beach blanket has the same purpose as a regular bedspread. It means it presents a surface where you can lie comfortably outdoors. Beach blankets are different from standard blankets since they are thicker and more durable—it is made to suit outdoor spaces and tolerate water. These blankets are made with features that prevent moisture from trickling on it. Beach blankets are usually made from materials like polyester. They can be used in other outdoor activities and events like picnics and outdoor concerts.

  2. What should I look for in a good beach blanket?<

    Answer: If you want to use the blanket at the beach, make sure to go for blankets that are waterproof or water-resistant. The best beach blankets are also designed with open pockets or stakes to weigh down corners that are loose. If you plan on using the blanket for picnics or outdoor festivals, get one that is made from polyester to prevent grass stains. Beach blankets with a nylon bottom also make for excellent water-resistance. If you want to relax by the coast or attend an outdoor concert during nippy weather, look for ones made with thicker, fleece-like fabric—quality ones are good enough to be worn like a poncho. Size is also something you need to consider—are you going to use it by yourself, with another person or with a whole family or group?

  3. How do you take care of beach blankets?

    Answer: Beach blankets designed with more than a single layer needs to be washed by hand—since it has a layered built, washing machines can damage the adhesive which binds the layers together. If you want easy maintenance, look for beach blankets that are machine-washable. In general, beach blankets with a single layer can be machine-washed cold using the gentle cycle. The item must be tumble dry using the low setting. Do not dry-clean or use fabric softener on it unless specified on the manufacturer’s care instructions.

Our Top Picks


WellaX Sandfree Beach Blanket

  • Measures 9′ x 10′
  • Made from 100% nylon
  • Sizable yet compact
  • With 4 built-in pockets

The WellaX Sandfree Beach Blanket features a hefty size which is more than ready to accommodate up to 7 people. However, despite its X-large capacities, this one is quite lightweight and compact—it can compress to a smaller size, making it a handy outdoor blanket tat you can take anywhere you please, whether it’s the beach or an outdoor concert. The blanket is made from quick-dry parachute nylon which is quite durable, water-repellent and breathable. It will also stay in place since it features 4 built-in pockets.


Seaview 180° Sand Free Beach Blanket

  • Measures 7′ x 9′
  • Made from water-resistant nylon
  • Sand-proof properties
  • Has compression straps

The Seaview 180° Sand Free Beach Blanket will make your stay by the coast or hanging out in summer festivals a pleasant, relaxing one. The blanket is crafted from quality water-resistant nylon. Sand will not stick to it as well plus being made from nylon material means it has excellent breathability and is lightweight to boot. The beach blanket is also equipped with 4 sand anchor pockets to keep it tethered on the ground. It also presents a front pocket where you can stash your sunglasses, sunscreen or any beachside essentials.


AISPARKY Beach Blanket

  • Measures 81 x 78 inches
  • Made from durable nylon
  • Includes strong ABS anchor stakes
  • Has carry bag

The AISPARKY Beach Blanket will keep the sand from trickling on the blanket so your rest and your food will not be ruined during a stay by the beach. The blanket is composed of durable, lightweight and breathable nylon material with reliable water-repelling properties. Maintenance for this item is also easy since this one can be machine-washed. To secure the blanket in place, the package also includes 4 ABS anchor stakes. Storage and carrying is also made simpler since this one has its own carry bag.


UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket

  • Measures 107 x 77 inches
  • Made from quick-drying material
  • Has water-resistant properties
  • With double anchor design

If you are traveling with a group on your way to the coast, pack an extra-large beach blanket with you. The UrbanEco Outdoors Lightweight Beach Blanket guarantees that 8 people will get a spot in the blanket. The blanket is made from water-resistant material which dries fast so you and your friends will stay clean and dry before and after hitting the surf. It secures in place by means of its nifty double anchored design—it includes 6 plastic stakes plus 4 corner sand pockets to contain it. No more worrying about sand and surf seeping in.


Aquatus Sandproof Beach Blanket

  • Measures 10’ x 9’
  • Made from parachute nylon
  • Water-resistant material
  • Has 4 corner pockets

The Aquatus Sandproof Beach Blanket provides a nice and comfy place where you can relax and check out the waves without the burden of sand leaking on the blanket or moisture seeping in. This one is crafted from durable, lightweight and dynamic parachute nylon. Since it’s nylon, you know it has reliable breathability. The blanket has great water-resistance too. To secure it in position, this one features 4 strong corner loops, metal stakes and 4 corner pockets. Great for picnics, the beach and outdoor festivals and concerts.


Laguna Beach Textile Company Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

  • Measures 72 x 57 inches
  • Made from cotton, polyester and acrylic
  • 100% waterproof blend
  • Durable yet lightweight

One of the best things about the Laguna Beach Textile Company Picnic & Outdoor Blanket is its ultra-comfortable top. It is made from a combination of cotton, polyester and acrylic. It’s quite soft however it has excellent waterproof properties so do not be fooled by its cushiony fleece surface—it does its job well when it comes to waterproofing. Other than that, the blanket is also sand-proof and windproof. It is equipped with an external pocket where you can store beach essentials and the sack with its wide opening also makes for fast, convenient rolling up and storage.

Make your stay by the coast a relaxing and fun time by just living in the moment—with no worries about sopping wet, dirty and sandy blankets. Trust the beach blankets in this list since these options work hard to keep your seaside holiday a memorable one.