The Comfiest Shoes Women Can Wear For Traveling

Traveling is one of the most popular pursuits right now especially among young people. While discovering the sights and sounds of a foreign land can be exciting, walking for a longer period of time can take a toll on your feet. When it comes to travel-friendly shoes, one does not need to sacrifice style over comfort. The market is filled with stylish yet comfy shoes that will make travel experiences a sounder, more fulfilling one. Here is a list of our top travel-friendly shoes for the ladies.

Buyers Guide

  1. How do I choose the right shoe for traveling?

    Answer: Traveling means doing a lot of walking thus you need a comfy pair of shoes to ease stress on your feet. The best shoe will depend on the fit and of course, the destination where you plan to go on a holiday. Make sure to go for proper-fitting shoes. Proper fit means the shoes should have extra wiggle room. When fitting shoes, see if there’s friction or rubbing present whenever you walk. If your feet have bunions, choose footwear with a wider fit or just opt for ones with straps. If you want to spend a lot of time walking, hiking and trekking, go for heavy-duty ones. If you need to travel to a place where rains are frequent, make sure to go for weatherproofed, comfortable footwear. You also need to mind the terrain—concrete surfaces require shoes that are shockproof and have great support. For hiking, trekking and camping, choose shoes that have excellent traction.

  2. Do I need orthotics?

    Answer: Everyone can benefit from the advantages of using orthotics on their footwear. Orthotics are inserts that provide customized support to ease pain and discomfort and guarantee correct alignment of the feet. Orthotics also give relief to people who have flat feet or high arches which are common foot deformities. Getting custom foot orthotics will help make standing and walking for an extended period of time more tolerable.

  3. How do I pack shoes for traveling?

    Answer: When you’re traveling, you can pack up to 3 pairs of shoes max. If you are going on a short trip, 2 pairs of footwear are enough. For longer ones or in case you are going to a destination with variable weather, you can opt to pack 3 shoes. Choose shoes that will suit different situations. It is also a good idea if you choose footwear that will easily match the wardrobe you’re planning to pack. Go for shoes that has the same color palette as your wardrobe. Also, if you are bringing new shoes, break them in first at least 2 weeks before the trip. Otherwise, if the trip is sudden, just bring along your old, presentable shoes.

Our Top Picks


Merrell Women’s Sneaker Range Ac

  • 3-D stretch knit uppers
  • Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole
  • EVA midsole
  • M Select GRIP outsole

Cover plenty of miles by wearing the right shoes. You might be interested in this topnotch pair from Merrell—this one gives an impressive fit thanks to its 3-D knit upper, Kinetic Fit Base removable contoured insole, EVA midsole Merrell Air Cushion+ heel for excellent toe fit and M Select GRIP rubber outsole for outstanding traction. Whether rugged terrain or plain concrete surfaces, this pair will survive hard impacts and give your feet the support and comfort it needs. You can travel anywhere and your feet will thank you for this.


Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

  • Stain-resistant upper
  • Includes rubber sole
  • Features leather upper and lining
  • Has double elastic gore for easy removal

The Alegria Women’s Keli Professional is your choice if you want something chic and comfortable for your trip. It comes in a nice selection of colors and styles, plus it comes with a stain-resistant heel, a rubber sole, a non-skid outsole, double elastic gore for easier removal plus lining and leather upper. It has good shock absorbing qualities too so you can take on various surfaces without the threat of excess stress on your feet. The shoes also include a removable memory foam insole for extra comfort.


Skechers Women’s Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track

  • 100% leather material
  • Includes rubber sole
  • Skid-resistant design
  • Has athletic cushion

The Skechers Women’s Work Relaxed Fit Sure Track combines crucial aspects for a comfy travel-friendly footwear—it has memory foam insoles and first-rate cushioning. The insoles are removable too so you can easily replace them with your custom orthotics for a more comfortable wear. Another highlight of this pair is its FlexSole midsole—this one provides the shoe the long-lasting factor it needs apart from extra comfort. The non-skid outsole also guarantees great traction so you can breeze through both dry and wet surfaces without hassles.


Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal

  • 100% authentic leather
  • Has synthetic sole
  • Includes adjustable straps
  • Quality contoured footbed

The Birkenstock Women’s Mayari Sandal as expected features the brand’s innovative contoured footbed which makes wearing the sandal a relief for your feet despite long hours of walking. It has design which conforms to the anatomy of the foot, supplemented by deep heel cups, a raised toe bar and 4-posture enhancing arches. For a secure fit, the Mayari sandal is also equipped with adjustable straps. There’s no break-in period required for this pair either, like all Birkenstock pairs.


Plaka Flat Sandals for Women Palm Leaf

  • Handwoven footwear
  • Durable, vegan rubber
  • Nylon stretch-to-fit straps
  • For narrow to medium-size feet

The Plaka Flat Sandals for Women Palm Leaf is a pair of gorgeous handcrafted sandals that perfectly complements holidays in the tropics. The quality flat soles are made with vegan-friendly, long-lasting rubber while its straps are made with first-rate nylon material that minimizes friction and blister formation. It suits narrow to medium-size feet and features a lovely, strappy design that will not go out of style. It is also available in a good range of colors.


Superga Women’s 2750 Cotu Canvas Trainers

  • Sturdy built
  • Cushioned footbed
  • Natural rubber outsole
  • 6-hole metallic eyelet opening

The Superga Women’s 2750 Cotu Canvas Trainers is one chic pair that suits lots of looks. This pair of canvas sneakers can go from day to night, very comfortable and versatile. It features a vulcanized rubber sole, a lace-up close with metal eyelets for the best, secure fit and a cushioned footbed. Then rubber outsole with crepe-y texture also provides the shot durability and excellent traction.

Our women’s footwear selection means you need not scrimp on comfort just to present a stylish look. Travel the world today with one of these pairs. They can go from airport to your well-prepared itinerary.