Top Handy Travel Document Organizers to Bring

When you want to go on a holiday overseas or go on frequent flights for business reasons, you need to have crucial travel documents on hand. And you need to have these necessities protected at all costs to avoid future problems with immigration and the like. Keep everything in one place just so you will not lose anything of dire importance. For those passports, IDs, credit cards and paper files, a convenient, high-quality travel document organizer is a prerequisite. Stay on top of things with our excellent product picks.

Buyers Guide

  1. What are the benefits of using travel document organizers?

    Answer: Your passport, assorted required travel documents and cash money are the most crucial items that need protection and organization. You have to guarantee that these items will be kept in a safe place whenever you’re away or constantly up and about. Many travel document organizers are designed with features that can contain all of your necessary documents, passport, IDs, money and credit cards in just one place. These items are also equipped with reliable RFID-blocking materials so your credit and debit cards are safeguarded against devious thieves and pickpockets who have the tech know-how to rip off travelers.

  2. What is RFID and how does it work?

    Answer: RFID or radio frequency identification is a type of digital theft which facilitates data from RFID-using credit cards to be scanned then duplicated. This method is often used for credit card theft/fraud and identity theft. RFID chips make use of radio waves to communicate—for example, credit cards that contain RFID tags with data are usually scanned by RFID readers thru radio waves in order to gather data on the specific RFID-tag carrying item. RFID chips contain small electromagnetic fields and this allows reading or scanning without the need of setting off communication—the RFID reader only needs to be near enough to the RFID tag in order to access this field. Radio waves are fairly easy to block thru material that interrupts radio waves. Quality travel wallets and document organizers are usually made with materials that effectively block RFID readers.

  3. What factors should I consider when choosing travel document organizers?

    Answer: Travel document organizers come in a good selection of sizes—the best organizer fits all of your needed documents, passport, money, IDs or credit cards. If you plan on carrying your document organizer with you at all times, choose one that is lightweight. The organizer must have a sufficient number of pockets to store all of your essentials—get one with an organization method that works well for you. Security is another crucial factor—choose something with latches or zippers and contains RFID protection. Get one that is made from sturdy, durable material—the durability of the organizer also adds another layer of protection.

Our Top Picks


Zoppen Multi-Purpose RFID Blocking Travel Document Organizer

  • Has eco-friendly PU leather lining
  • Features trifold closure
  • RFID blocking shield material
  • Stylish, multifunctional design

This Zoppen Multi-Purpose Travel Document Organizer will not only stash all of your crucial travel papers and credit cards in one place, it will also protect them by means of its effective RFID-blocking capacities. It features an RFID-blocking sheet within the organizer to safeguard private information. This sheet is effective on the 13.56MHz frequency. It is crafted out of high-quality, environment-friendly PU leather and faux suede, available in several colors to suit your taste. It features several pockets and holders to contain those confidential essentials.


Defway Travel RFID Blocking Document Organizer

  • Durable rip-stop nylon material
  • Top RFID-blocking technology
  • Water-resistant properties
  • Protects data under 13.56 Mhz frequency

The Defway Travel RFID Blocking Document Organizer can store your passport, credit cards, documents and other travel necessities through its wide range of pockets and holders. It is made from 100 percent rip-stop nylon material that has effective water-resistant properties to protect its content from rain, sleet and snow. The document organizer also makes use of its practical RFID-blocking technology to further safeguard data on your credit/debit cards and IDs. Its zipper is crafted from durable zinc alloy while its overall design is all sleek and lightweight.


AmazonBasics RFID Travel Organizer

  • 100% durable nylon material
  • Includes strong zipper closure
  • Has RFID-blocking material
  • Features slots for specific items

The AmazonBasics RFID Travel Organizer is a handy document and passport holder that fits inside your bags with ease. This zippered organizer features interiors pockets and dedicated slots where users can stash their passport, cash, documents, credit and debit cards, membership cards and the like. The organizer also utilizes RFID-blocking material to deter tech-savvy thieves from ripping off data from confidential items. This one is quite compact at only 10 x 5 inches and lightweight enough for everyday use.


Zero Grid Passport/Travel Document Holder

  • Has durable nylon lining
  • Features zipper closure
  • Can hold 4-10 cards
  • Uses RFID-blocking technology

The Zero Grid Passport/Travel Document Holder guarantees that the confidential data on your credit cards and IDs will remain on your person only thanks to its efficient RFID-blocking technology. It has sufficient space and slots for your travel essentials from passport, credit cards and money. The organizer is made from durable rip-stop nylon while its zipper closure means nothing will pour out of the organizer. In addition, this product has undergone a strict testing procedure to guarantee quality, functionality and durability. It comes with a bonus too—the organizer includes a free metal pen with a sturdy built.


Vemingo Family Document Organizer

  • Sturdy, tear-resistant nylon material
  • Has RFID protection
  • Includes dual internal pockets
  • Has removable strap

Travel without the hassles by choosing items with RFID protection like the Vemingo Family Document Organizer. Keep track of all your travel necessities by using this nifty travel organizer—this one holds crucial credit and debit cards, IDs, passport and documents in just one convenient and secure place. It features and ID card window and a pen holder too. The organizer is made with durable tear-resistant nylon and it has a removable strap for easier carrying. Its durable zipper closure guarantees that all items will be kept secured at all times in your bag.


Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer

  • Smart, travel-friendly design
  • Roomy organizer
  • 100% premium RFID protected
  • Water-resistant material

The Valante Premium Family Travel Document Organizer has all the features one needs in an effective travel organizer—it has slots and holders to take in up to 6 passports, up to 8 credit cards, ID cards, driver’s licenses, paper documents, boarding passes, cash money, keys, any size phones and more. Several layers of protection also make this a safe container for your travel prerequisites—it has RFID blocking, made from water-resistant, durable material and a robust built. Great to take in case you plan on traveling to areas with extreme climates.

Protecting your travel documents, passports, credit and debit cards are necessary while on the go. Investing in the best travel document organizers with efficient RFID-blocking technologies will at least reduce stress and worry wherever you go. Make your traveling pursuits a breeze with any of these high-quality document organizers on our list.