We Got the Best Camera Bags Reviewed

It does not matter what sort of camera you use—whether it’s the cheap point-and-shoot automatic kind, the manual type or the most expensive DSLR camera, you need to take care of your device. Cameras are handheld devices and were built to be sturdy but it cannot take plenty of abuse. It is actually a high-maintenance piece. Thus, when you’re traveling with a camera, you need to store it in an appropriate place where it will be protected against elements that can do damage on it. Traveling can be rough for your cam so make sure to have a trusty camera bag on hand. Here are some of our top selections.

Buyers Guide

  1. What is a camera bag exactly?

    Answer: Lots of cameras already include a camera bag during purchase. However, some of them can be low in quality. Thus, if you travel a lot with the device, you better use a quality camera bag. The best camera bags are made with a design that helps store and protect the camera, its battery packs, lenses and accessories like filters and speedlights. Camera bags also differ in sizes so it can accommodate a good range of cameras.

  2. What are the different kinds of camera bags?

    Answer: The different kinds of camera bags include the shoulder bag, the pouch, the waist belt, the holster, sling bag, rolling case and the backpack. Smaller point and shoot cameras fit in pouches while small DSLR cameras are suitable for holster-type camera bags. Shoulder bags offer hands-free carrying like the waist belt camera bag and backpack. Rolling cases are recommended in case you need to haul plenty of delicate camera equipment while sling bags provide extra convenience.

  3. What factors must be considered when picking a good waterproof camera bag?

    Answer: The best waterproof camera bags are not only weather-resistant, they are scratch-resistant as well. They are also made from quality polyester nylon material. If you plan on bringing your camera during road trips or travels abroad, get ones that has anti-theft zippers or zippers made from strong alloy material. For extra protection, choose ones with reflective straps too. Great weight distribution can be had with camera bags that include breathable, adjustable straps. The bag should have a sufficient number of space and protective pockets for your camera lenses, filters, speedlights and various accessories.

Our Top Picks


CADeN Vintage Waterproof DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag

  • 9.06 x 7.09 x 14.96 inches
  • Drop-resistant and shockproof
  • Made with waterproof canvas
  • Dual-function camera bag

The CADeN Vintage Waterproof DSLR SLR Camera Shoulder Messenger Bag assures your camera will be kept protected throughout the trip. The size and the form of the bag accommodates a good number of DSLR cameras and lenses from brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony and a lot more. It has material with great integrity—the bag is crafted from high-density genuine cotton canvas material with excellent waterproof capabilities and durability. For added strength, this one features reinforced stitching too. includes plenty of pockets for lenses and various accessories.


TARION Waterproof Camera Backpack

  • 11.42 x 6.3 x 17.91 inches
  • With strong water-resistant material
  • Features IPX5 waterproof rating
  • Includes handy side access

The TARION Waterproof Camera Backpack is included in this list due to its impeccable features and material. The backpack is made from a tough, water-resistant material that is durable yet comfortable to wear thanks to its ergonomic design. It has a nice IPX5 rating too and EPE protective backing for shock resistance. For even weight distribution, the pack features back support which comes in the form of an adjustable chest buckle, padded shoulder straps and ring-style hasp. With that arrangement, there’s no need to be concerned about excessive pressure weighing on your back.


MOSISO Camera Backpack

  • 15.99 x 8.99 x 1 inches
  • Has cushioned removable modular inserts
  • Includes waterproof hardshell protection
  • Comes with 2 accessory pockets

The MOSISO Camera Backpack is a good one to take outdoors or while traveling. The camera backpack accommodates cameras like the mirrorless ones from Nikon. It has a sizable capacity so there’s enough room for other shooting essentials. The pack features an open design complemented by accessory pockets where you can stash smaller articles like cables, extra SD cards and the like. It also features 2 compartments for additional stuff. For protection, this one is equipped with a padded layer plus hardshell protection. Don’t want to carry your tripods by hand? Use the tripod older with monopod and strap.


Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case

  • 21.3 x 5.7 x 4.9 inches
  • Made from high-density waterproof nylon
  • With padded adjustable shoulder straps
  • Includes rain cover

The Neewer 2-in-1 Rolling Camera Backpack Trolley Case is for the professional and the amateur who loves taking pictures in various locales. It has wheels for easier carrying of all your camera equipment. The case is crafted from high-density, durable waterproof nylon material. It is fashioned with padded adjustable shoulder straps for comfort too in case you want to use it as a backpack. The wheels of the rolling case navigate smoothly and effortlessly on ground surface. Fits two DSLR cameras max. Also includes compartments for lenses, filters, flashes and room for a 15-inch laptop or tablet.


K&F Concept Multi-Functional Camera Backpack

  • 9.84 x 6.29 x 15.74 inches
  • Scratch/rip-resistant 600D polyester
  • Features safety-conscious design
  • Comes with right side access

The K&F Concept Multi-Functional Camera Backpack gets its sturdiness from 600D polyester, one of the sturdiest bag materials in the industry. Being made from 600D polyester, the bag is also rip and scratch-resistant. Reliable shock resistance is also achieved because of the PE board and EPE foam divider. For extra comfort, the pack is also outfitted with breathable air mesh, and wider, thicker shoulder straps and back. One of the most comfortable and protective camera backpacks in the market.


Endurax Waterproof Camera Backpack

  • 2.2 x 7.09 x 16.14 inches
  • High-density water-resistant polyester and PU leather
  • Has dual compartments
  • Comes with customizable dividers

The Endurax Waterproof Camera Backpack suits both men and women. Further protection is provided by the backpack by means of its strong, dependable high-density polyester, premium PU leather and excellent water resistance. It supports a wide range of body sizes too since it includes non-slip pads and adjustable shoulder straps. While it’s loaded with awesome features, it remains lightweight, which is a good deal since cameras plus equipment are on the weighty side.

There are many camera bag choices in the market right now but just relax and do not be intimidated by the numbers. Just keep in mind to choose the ones that can significantly accommodate and protect your cameras and other equipment. You can also use this handy guide as reference.